Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor
by Bridget N. O’Connor

Guidelines for Authors


A Protocol Analysis Model for Investigating Computer Supported Problem-Solving Activities
by Catherine Chen

Visualization Ability, Proofreading, and Color Configurations of a Computer Screen— Interactions and Implications
by Dawn E. Woodland and Linda F. Szul

The Impact of Group Support Systems on Collaborative Learning Groups’ Stages of Development
by Susan R. Feather

Making a Difference

A Continuous Improvement Approach to Support Staff Workload Analysis: A Case Study
by Marlyse M. Heaps, Cindy Kelley, John J. Olivo, and Sherri Valencik

An Empirical Analysis of the Content of the Data Communications Course: Academics’ and Practitioners’ Perspectives
by Linda Ellis Johnson, John J. Stallard, and John R. Tanner

Book Review

Don Tapscott's Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation
reviewed by Brenda Hayden Sheets

21st Century Organizations: Vision to Vitality
19th Annual OSRA Research Conference
Toronto, Canada -- February 24-26, 2000
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 VOLUME 17                                    Fall 1999                                 NUMBER 2