Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal

Letter from the Editor

The Research Problem
by Bridget N. O’Connor

Guidelines for Authors


Information Technology Certification: Is This Your Mission?
by Robert G. Brookshire


Changing Channels: Using the Electronic Meeting System to Increase Equity in Decision Making
by Jane Burdett

An Examination of Perceptions of the Use of Virtual Conferences in Organizations: The Organizational Systems Research Association (OSRA) and the Association for Business Communication (ABC) Members Speak Out
by Kelly L. Wilkinson and K. Virginia Hemby

Making a Difference

The Integrative Facilities of Organizational Systems Applied to the Core Corporation
by Ronald T. Sones

Using Realistic Business Data in Teaching Business Problem Solving
by Catherine Chen

Book Review

Don Tapscott's Blueprint to the Digital Economy
reviewed by Brenda Hayden Sheets

Moving Into The Millennium: Technology, Training, and Teaching
20th Annual OSRA Research Conference
Cleveland, Ohio -- February 22-24, 2001
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 VOLUME 18                                    Fall 2000                                 NUMBER 2