Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal

Letter from the Editor

Special Online Curriculum Issue
by Susan R. Feather-Gannon

Guidelines for Authors

A Brief History of the OSRA Model Curriculum Development Process
by Bridget N. O'Connor

An Integrated IT Curriculum Model for Advancing Education in Information Technologies, Learning, and Performance
by Lola B. Smith, C. Steven Hunt, Rik Berry, and Darla Hunt

Analyzing Traditional Factors for Success in an Introductory End-User Technologies Course
by John D. Chenoweth

Rethinking the Curriculum of Organizational and End-User Information Systems:  Challenge and Opportunity
by L. Roger Yin and Nancy Lien

Instructional Strategies for Implementing and Teaching OEIS 2 - Computer User Support
by Linda F. Szul and LeAnn Wilkie

Network Administration: Course Implementation and Delivery
by Tena B. Crews, Herbert F. Brown, and Dennis O. Gehris

A Model for Incorporating Ethics Instruction into the OEIS Curriculum
by Herman T. Tavani

The Development and Implementation of Online Undergraduate and Graduate Systems Security Courses: Lessons Learned
by G. Edward Harris and George Kelley

Enterprise Systems in the Business Curriculum:  Implementations Considerations and Recommendations for Organizational and End-user Information Systems Programs
by Chia-An Chao

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 VOLUME 22                   Online 2004-2006                         NUMBER 3