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SPECIAL ISSUE: End-User Training and Learning

Letter from the Editor
Bridget N. O’Connor

Guidelines for Authors

Invited Editorials

Why Certification in Information Systems?
by Charles M. Ray and Randy McCoy

Academic Guarantees
by Chester Delaney


Developing End-User Technology Skills
by Judith J. Lambrecht

A Survey of Graduate Students as End Users of Computer Technology: New Roles for Faculty
by Francine Shuchat Shaw and Joseph B. Giacquinta

The Relationship of Learning Style and Training Method to End-User Computer Satisfaction and Computer Use: A Structural Equation Model
by Steven John Simon

Making a Difference

End-User Learning Through Application Play
by France Belanger and Craig Van Slyke

Creating a Web-based Client/Server Network on Your PC: An Innovative Hands-on Training Model
by Jensen J. Zhao

Traditional and Self-Paced Instruction for Microcomputer Applications: A Case Study
by Walter Creighton and Margaret Kilcoyne

Moving Into The Millennium: Technology, Training, and Teaching
20th Annual OSRA Research Conference
Cleveland, Ohio -- February 22-24, 2001
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 VOLUME 18                                    Spring 2000                                 NUMBER 1