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Letter from the Editor

Strategies for Fighting Declining Enrollments
by Robert G. Brookshire

Guidelines for Authors


Mitigating Information Security Risks by Increasing User Security Awareness: A Case Study of an Information Security Awareness System
by Charlie C. Chen, R. S. Shaw, and Samuel C. Yang

Computer Literacy Levels of Students Enrolling in a Post-Secondary Computer Applications/Information Technology Course
by Walter Creighton, Margaret Kilcoyne, Rick Tarver, and Sarah Wright

Practice Makes a Difference: Experience and E-Commerce
by Inge M. Klopping and Earl McKinney, Jr.

Making a Difference

Engaging Students: A Framework Using LEGO® Robotics to Teach Problem Sovling
by Pauline  Mosley and Richard Kline

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 VOLUME 24                   Spring 2006                         NUMBER 1