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CBS: Knowledge is Power

cbsBSA's Certified Bearing Specialist (CBS) program is the only bearing industry-specific program that identifies and quantifies the specific skill sets to certify an industry professional as a bearing specialist.

Michael D. Odom, CBS and CSSR at Applied Industrial Technologies explains how he used his bearing expertise to earn a "lifetime customer".

"An asphalt plant and new customer was having constant bearing failure on the hot asphalt conveyor line. They were going through one bearing every month. The shaft was 5-15/16 and they were using taper roller bearing household units. I sat down and talked with the plan manager. We looked over the situation and noted that it wasn't the normal nature of the beast, per say.

After looking over the application, running temperature reading, and load readings, I saw they had heavy radial loads and also expansion on the shafts from the high temp of the material being conveyed. I suggested, after weighing the options, to spherical roller bearing saf style housing. He agreed to give it a try. I ordered and returned to the customer to help with the installation.

I set the internal clearance to allow for the thermal expansion and also set the bearings up with expansion and also no expansion to allow for the thermal growth of the shaft.

After the first month the customer was amazed and now going on six months later he is still in disbelief that the bearings are still running. I saved him over $100,000 not including downtime. I have made a customer for life with them. Being a Certified Bearing Specialist made all the difference in the world. It opened up so many doors that could have been closed without it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their horizon in the industrial world."

BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist program assures your employees have the skill set to meet customer needs. To access a CBS application, please follow this link. To order a free, informative brochure for your branches or for your HR department to help you educate your employees about the CBS program and the steps to becoming certified, please contact