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CBS: Knowledge is Power

cbsBSA's Certified Bearing Specialist (CBS) program is the only bearing industry-specific program that identifies and quantifies the specific skill sets to certify an industry professional as a bearing specialist.

Dale Renner, CBS and Sales Representative at Bearing Headquarters Co., explains how his bearing expertise help solve a customer's problem and saved him significant down time and cost.

"One of my customers in the Ethanol Industry was experiencing high failure rate with bronze hanger bushings. The application was on a screw conveyor in a highly caustic area of the plant. The screw conveyor was conveying wet corn mash which in itself is very abrasive and acidic. Due to the nature of the conveyed material, the hanger bearings were caking up and breaking down the lubrication process of the bearing. Thus premature failure of the bearings occurred.
This particular plant runs 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except for scheduled maintenance shutdowns. Downtime due to equipment failure is not only a fear but one of the company’s greater expenses. Downtime expense prevention is a matter the company takes very seriously. Weekly maintenance teleconferences are held among the maintenance managers where problems are shared and resolutions sought.
This Company has multi-plant locations and the equipment used throughout their infrastructure is similar in nature. Thus the teleconferences are a good way to share critical information in hopes of preventing equipment failure and lost profits due to downtime.

As a solution to their bearing problem I suggested that they replace their oil impregnated bushings with graphite bushings. Graphite bushings are self lubricating and do not require a scheduled PM program for lubrication. They offer many advantages over conventional bushings such as they operate at extremely high temperatures where oil based lubricants burn off or oxidize, they will not gum or seize, they will not congeal or solidify at low temperatures or cryogenic conditions, survives run dry applications, eliminates galling or seizing in hot dry applications, will not attract dust, they will not swell or wash out and will withstand a wide variety of hostile fluids. They are insoluble in most industrial fluids, works in acids, alkalis, hydro carbons, water and liquid gases, and have a very low coefficient of friction. They are non- current conducting and are FDA Approved.

Thus the problem of the bushings caking up due to breakdown of the lubrication process was significantly reduced. The life expectancy increased from 3 to 24 months saving the customer over $4,553.00 in product and material alone, which is a minute figure compared to downtime cost savings.

This information was shared with the maintenance managers and has become and approved product  application endorsed by the company’s Corporate Engineer."

BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist program assures your employees have the skill set to meet customer needs. To access a CBS application, please follow this link. To order a free, informative brochure for your branches or for your HR department to help you educate your employees about the CBS program and the steps to becoming certified, please contact