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Where will populism strike next? Has the era of globalisation drawn to a close? And with protectionism on the rise, which economies are best placed to benefit? This presentation will provide an overview of the current geopolitical dynamics and global economic factors impacting decision-making.

 Steven Leslie, Lead Financial Analyst, The Economist Intelligence Unit

CFOs, CPOs, treasurers and controllers have been telling us collectively for years what they want and need to enable business growth. But painting the entire commercial market in a single brush stroke ignores the nuances of what companies need in their particular sector, lifecycle, and nature of their businesses. The question is: how do we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of available data and technology to deliver the right set of solutions to meet customers’ needs, simply and digitally? This session will address development and deployment of customer-focused solutions in the rapidly changing commercial payments environment.

 Darci Darnell, Partner, Bain & Company
 Brendan Walsh, EVP, US Global Corporate Payments, American Express

With trillions of dollars spent in North America annually by governments and businesses, only a fraction of those payments are captured on traditional commercial cards today. While this community remains focused on optimizing card payments, the trend is also shifting toward offering customers more choice in making payments - including real-time payments and faster ACH, virtual card for B2B and travel payments, account-to-account disbursements and other innovations. This panel will discuss how these technologies can coexist with commercial cards, ultimately offering customers the right solution for the right payment scenario.

 George Evers, International Product Director, Vocalink
 Steve Ledford, Senior VP Product & Strategy, The Clearing House
 Colleen Taylor, Head of New Payment Flows, Mastercard

The introduction of virtual cards to the business travel use case has given T&E payment volume an accelerated trajectory as adoption grows in the wider travel industry. Panelists will explore this trend and address these key points:

• Lessons learned in the adoption of virtual cards for travel: use cases, travel segments, successes and failures
• Perspective on trajectory of virtual payments and what does the future hold?
• Data: how is the industry leveraging travel data for mining for better decision making? Has the introduction of virtual card supported this capability?
• Voice of the Corporate: how has the transition from plastic to virtual worked for the corporation?

 Simon Barker, CEO, Conferma Limited
 Tom Cunningham, VP, Business Development, UATP  Edward Galvin, Senior Director, Visa Business Solutions
 John Harvey, Group Marketing Director, Hogg Robinson Group
 Jeffrey Rankin, Global Corporate Bankcard General Manager, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems

Online marketplaces are facilitating global, high volume, low value transactions in numbers never seen before. Understand how e-commerce transactions are transforming engagements between suppliers and buyers around the world, and how payment solutions can help companies manage the process more efficiently and allow them access to valuable data.

 Scott Reynolds, GM, B2B Services, Payoneer
 Morgan Salmon, Director, Global Commercial Cards Product, Citi
 David Solomon, Chief Revenue Officer, Inturn

CPI introduces the global summit’s inaugural FinTech showcase, featuring demonstrations from up and coming companies delivering innovative B2B payments solutions. Each brief demo presented  represents a different aspect of commercial cards and payments innovation, and the ways they’re servicing banks, small business and corporates.

 Jørgen Christian Juul, CEO, Cardlay
 Michael Noble, CEO, Apruve
 Adrya Sanchez, Head of Product, MineralTree
 Dante Siracusa, Director of Sales Engineering, Marqeta
 Michael Ting, SVP, Digital Markets, Hyperwallet

Demo presenters take questions from the audience.

The industry is hearing a lot about FinTechs and APIs, but what exactly is an API, and what key role are APIs playing as banks and their clients move toward their digital future together? This session will focus on forging partnerships between FinTechs and issuers, how APIs can drive collaboration with FinTechs, and real-world examples of these strategies.

 Russell Bennett, Chief Technology Officer, Fraedom
 Seth Goodman, Director and Head of North America Product Management, Citi
 Greg Hammermaster, EVP, Global Strategy, CSI globalVCard
 Maria Parpou, Chief Product Officer, Barclaycard

New to the global summit are discussion roundtables designed to better facilitate peer learning at the event. Attendees have an opportunity to choose a topic area of interest and join their cohorts to tackle challenges, share war stories and learn from one another’s experiences. Each group will be led by a moderator to help facilitate the discussion on:

Business traveler
 Frank Martien, Managing Director, First Annapolis

Government / public sector
 Steve Abrams, CEO, The Abrams Group Ltd

Supplier enablement
 Liane Sanson, Vice President, Business Development and Media globalVCard

Mobile B2B payments

Virtual cards
 David Disque, Managing Director, globalVCard paysystems globalVCard

Wednesday 13 September 2017

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Regulators throughout the US, Europe and Asia are reacting to new market changes, most notably the strengthening presence of FinTech and third party providers in payments. Given these shifts, this year’s regulation roundup session will focus on new developments in several key areas: 

 Security, risk management and privacy
Regulators and the payments industry have been engaged in a long tug of war on strong customer authentication and the extent to which firms will be able to take a risk-based approach to security issues. 
 The trend towards more activity-based regulation
A number of jurisdictions have extended their regulatory perimeters to cover a broader range of payment systems and to tighten regulatory supervision of such systems. 
 The evolution of interchange fees and charges
Providers of new payment services are likely to face similar challenges to more traditional payment service providers when it comes to fee structures. Looking forward, the transparency and competitiveness of fees and charges are likely to continue to be a key focus of regulators as traditional providers adapt their fee structures and new providers look for innovative ways to cut a slice of the pie.

 Randi Adelstein, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, Mastercard
 John Casanova, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
 Joel Feinberg, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP, US
 9:45 AM
Cyberattacks and sophisticated hacks: the threat intelligence landscape in financial services 

Institutions have been managing fraud and security risks over the years, but the recent ransomware attacks and last year’s SWIFT heists have heightened awareness and brought to the fore the size and scope of breaches confronting corporations and financial institutions. As the industry continues to evolve into a more global, real-time and digital environment, how can financial institutions improve their defenses to guard against looming threats, and what can they expect in the future?

 Nick Biasini, Threat Researcher, Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group, Cisco
 John Daniele, Chief Analyst, Cyber Intelligence & Digital Forensics, Paladion
 Sean Sposito, Analyst, Fraud & Security, Javelin Strategy & Research
 Matthew Wong, Director of Threat Intelligence, Flashpoint Global Partners

While many banks are still familiarizing themselves on the breakthrough distributed ledger technology known as the blockchain, others are moving ahead, making low cost real-time global transactions more of a near term reality for corporate clients. What have initial implementations revealed about the challenges and opportunities in blockchain transactions? And what are the other potential applications in commercial payments?

 David Henstock, Head of Business Solutions Global Platforms, Visa
 Obreahny O'Brien, Manager, Performance Improvement, Financial Services, Ernst & Young

This presentation reveals the key drivers impacting the commercial cards and payments industry, and continuing trends to look out for. You'll hear about solutions that are driving efficient operation, growth and revenue generation for issuers, corporates and networks and how this is solving stubborn challenges that have existed in commercial payments.

 Chris Holmes, SVP, KAE