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A summary of the board meeting minutes is also posted on the website.
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July 2010
President's Corner - July 2010 
Carol Lauder, President 

Carol Lauder


The Boss:  Me, Myself, I and Sometimes You


The June monthly luncheon theme, Bring Your Own Boss, or BYOB, brought a record crowd to the Austin Woman's Club!  One third of the EWTG Members brought their boss, which resulted in more than 100 attendees.  The theme made me think about the term "boss."
Defining what a good boss is can be difficult, but you generally know when you have one.  A good boss knows the strengths and capabilities of each of his or her employees, trusts them appropriately, works with employees to improve their performance, and challenges us when we don't live up to our abilities. A good boss is trustworthy, sets an example for others and is willing to show their gratitude for a job well done.   
There are bosses that employees are loyal to, despite other drawbacks to a job because their boss' leadership provides opportunities to learn and grow, a sense of being valued, and a feeling that their contributions make a difference.  Despite a stimulating job and secure position, too often employees leave a job because of various concerns about "the boss."  The relationship to the boss can greatly affect how we feel about ourselves and the work we perform.    
Obviously having and being a good boss is important to all of us; and although we are most accustomed to referring to the person we report to at work as "the boss," we all have areas in our life where we are the boss and we are "bossed."  I'd like to suggest that once we become adults, we are, first and foremost, our own boss. 
As your own boss, how do you treat yourself?  Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?  Do you allow yourself to feel good about your accomplishments?  Do you appropriately challenge yourself?  Do you take the time to look in the rear-view mirror of life to see how you are doing?  Do you readily accept that you make mistakes, take responsibility for them and do your best to learn from them?  Good bosses and good leaders can honestly say "YES" to these questions. 
Robert Cooper, author of The Other 90%, How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life, spoke at a conference I attended several years ago.  Robert said he carries in his back pocket a list of 10 things he is really good at, and ten things he isn't very good at.  By knowing what we are good at, we can feel confident in our judgments and decisions, and by knowing what we are not good at, we know when to seek others' input and counsel.  Shortly after the conference, I made my first list of ten "does well" and ten "needs improvement."  Since that time, I have continued to work on those things needing improvement, for example, being more patient, being more organized, and asking for others' help in those areas that fall in my "needs improvement category."
Leadership is like life - it is a journey, not a destination!  To ensure you are on the right path, be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses, and continue to expand your knowledge.  Make your own list of ten things you are good at and ten things you should work on to improve; be confident about what you are good at, rely on others' strengths, and don't hesitate to ask questions.  Curiosity is the key to having the information needed to make good decisions.  Be aware of what you don't know and remember that there are things you don't even know that you don't know. 
Here's to the pursuit of being a good boss, first to ourselves and then to others.  
Carol Lauder

July 15th Mini-course
Preventable Medical Errors:  Learning to Make You and Your Family Safer
By:  Laure McLaughlin
In the U.S., an estimated 550 people die every day from preventable medical errors, making it the third leading cause of death.
Join us to learn more about this issue and more importantly, receive the tools and information to reduce preventable medical errors.  The  Louise B. Batz Patient Safety Foundation founder, Laura Batz Townsend (pictured left), will discuss the development of the organization and on-going advocacy and education efforts.  Rachel Armbruster, Chief Operating Officer, will highlight the plans for the organization's future and discuss opportunities for involvement. 
They will tell us their experience with the tragic consequences of medical errors.  In 2009, Laura's beloved, vivacious mother and EWTG member Joanne Holshouser's sister Louise Batz entered the hospital for routine knee replacement surgery.  The surgery went well, and Laura spent the day with her mother as she was recovering from anesthesia.  That night, as a direct result of a preventable medical error, Louise fell into a coma from which she never recovered.  She died ten days later after the family agreed to remove her life support systems.  
In her mother's honor, Laura and her family established the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation (www.louisebatz.org) "to open the pathways of communication between patients, doctors, nurses, and hospitals in an effort to enhance hospital safety and prevent adverse events,' through public education and awareness. 
Laura Batz Townsend's nonprofit background and sports experience allows her to help companies, healthcare professionals, individuals and families understand the issue of medical errors and address the problem as a team.  Laura has an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Public Relations from the University of Texas. 
Rachel Armbruster (pictured left) has been involved with nonprofit executive strategy for over 15 years including six years with the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  She has an MBA from St. Edward's University and an undergraduate degree in communications from Purdue University. 
The mini-course begins at 11:30 AM and the program begins at noon, ending promptly at 1 PM. The mini-course will be at the Carver Branch Library, 1161 Angelina, eight blocks east of I-35 just off East 11th Street.   EWTG will provide terrific pizza, loads of fresh green salad, dessert and drinks for $10, or you can bring your own. Click here
to RSVP by Monday, July 12th, to insure you get both a chair and lunch. 
July 28th Luncheon
An Austin Original - KEYE-TV Anchor Judy Maggio

By:  Laure McLaughlin

One of the most familiar faces in Austin and Central Texas is television anchorwoman Judy Maggio, EWTG's guest speaker at the July 28th luncheon at the Austin Woman's Club, 708 San Antonio Street. 

Judy's story is one of significant accomplishment.  Arriving in Austin in 1978 to study journalism at the University of Texas, Judy fell in love with the city and vowed never to leave what she calls the most wonderful city in the world.  She began her journalistic career as an entry level reporter at KVUE-TV in November of 1981.  Five years later, she was promoted to the nightly news anchor spot.  In 2003, she chose to leave KVUE and joined KEYE-TV as an Anchor/Managing Editor, where she continues to anchor the evening news.

Austin Chronicle readers have selected Judy as the "Best News Anchor in Austin" for eight years running.  Judy also was chosen as the 1997 Austin Communicator of the Year and the 2005 Austin Toastmaster of the Year.  

Judy is an admitted political junkie and counts her coverage of three presidential inaugurations and four national political conventions among the highlights of her career.  Judy is a community advocate, giving her time to many different non-profits in Austin such as Blue Santa and Children's Hospital of Austin.  She also enjoys reading to children, speaking at schools and emceeing charity fundraisers. 

She is married to Thad Rosenfield.  She has a daughter, Carly and a step-daughter, Stephanie.  They also have two dogs, Duncan and Buster and a cat named Winnie. 

Please join EWTG members and Judy at this luncheon by signing up online by Monday, July 26th.  Ample, free parking is available behind the Woman's Club on Nueces between 7th and 8th streets. The buffet includes a hot, delicious entrée, salad, vegetables, rolls, dessert, tea and coffee opens at 11:45 AM and costs only $20 for members and $25 for guests. The program begins at noon and concludes promptly at 1:00 PM.
Affiliates Update July 2010
Preparing Women Leaders for Today's Challenges
Women now comprise 51 percent of America's workforce.  More women are now managers.  We face interesting times as our Texas workforce is comprised of four generations:  traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y.  Successful leaders garner knowledge about key issues like demographic trends to strengthen their expertise.  Luncheon meeting topics in the Dallas and Houston areas provide such food for thought. 
On July 28 from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM, the Dallas EWTG Affiliate will host Brent Meers.  The meeting topic is Generational Differences.  As we deal with a shrinking labor pool and an aging workforce, understanding generational differences will be critical to recruit and retain exceptional coworkers. 
Learn about the communication preferences of the various generations in the workforce.  Hear about cuspers - those on the generational edge.  Improve your generational competency.  Attend the July 28 EWTG Dallas luncheon.  Nancy Northington, EWTG Dallas Affiliate Chair, encourages Dallas-area women to visit the EWTG website for more details about our activities:  www.ewtg.org
Carolyn Kirkwood, EWTG Houston Affiliate Chair reported that the June 10 meeting "Learn to Declutter: Organize Home and Office" was very informative.  Attendees learned about ways to organize everything from office e-mails to car garages to that junk drawer in the kitchen.  Please join Houston EWTG Affiliate members on July 8 at 5425 Polk Street, Room 2E and F, from noon to 1:00 PM.  Membership applications will be available at the meeting.  New and renewing members are welcome.  
This summer we will garner support for additional Affiliates in College Station, San Antonio, and Tyler.  We will co-host meetings with Foundation for Women's Resources, the nonprofit organization that produces Leadership Texas and Power Pipeline.  We welcome your participation.  Contact us at affiliates@ewtg.org.
Exceptionally organized or not -- whether you are a GenXer, a tech-savvy Baby Boomer, or a cusper, we welcome your participation at our area EWTG Affiliate meetings.


Summer Membership Social - Let's Go Bowling!
EWTG will be hosting a bowling event for the summer membership social.  We will be getting out of the heat for an evening of bowling at Dart Bowl on Tuesday, July 20.  The festivities start at 5:30 PM with bowling from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 
We would like to invite the Executive Success Teams to bowl together as a team.  If you are not yet on an Executive Success Team, bowl with friends or connect with a bowling team when you arrive.  Bowling shoes and balls will be provided.  Of course, there will be a prize for the winning team as well as door prizes throughout the evening. 
This casual outing will include appetizers and a cash bar.  The Dart Bowl Steakhouse is famous for their enchiladas and burgers, so you may want to give them a try while you're there.
Dart Bowl is located at 5700 Grover Avenue, Austin, TX 78756.  Hope to see you there!

  July Community Service

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders & Mobile Loaves and Fishes

The community spirit of EWTG has been nothing short of amazing this year!  Our July and August activity presents another great opportunity to make a lasting impact on today's children and tomorrow's leaders. 
The EWTG Community Service Committee is rounding up school supplies and backpacks, and we need your donations!  The items donated will benefit middle-school aged children in homeless and low-income situations.  The committee is working with staff at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders and Mobile Loaves and Fishes to get these items delivered and into the hands of children who need them. 
While both of the organizations are still in the planning phases for next year and don't have the school supplies lists out yet, they have provided a list of items that are commonly required (see below).  If you are working with a store who would like to donate items in bulk, the retailer is eligible to receive a tax deduction.  Please contact Susan Kirkpatrick at (512) 771-2695 for more information. 
Donations will be accepted at the July and August EWTG Monthly Luncheons.  Pick-up can also be arranged by contacting Susan at the number above.
School Supplies needed:
  • Backpacks
  • #2 pencils
  • Colored map pencils
  • 24 packs of crayons
  • Boxes of Kleenex
  • Compass
  • Printer paper (ream)
  • Book covers
  • Blue, white liquid, 8 oz.
  • Supply boxes (cigar type)
  • Ballpoint pens, blue or black ink
  • Wirebound notebooks
  • Notebook binders
  • Dividers for binders
  • Notebook paper
  • Scissors
  • Rulers (12" dual scale metric and conventional)
Community Service Thanks
Thanks to everyone for your kind donations of clothing and accessory items for May's Community Service event benefitting Austin's Dress for Success!   EWTG donated over 100 clothing items, 40 purses, almost 30 pairs of shoes and plenty of jewelry items.  It was very rewarding to deliver these items to Austin's Dress for Success and meet just a few of their clients that will benefits from our organization's generosity.
The next time you clean out your closet, please remember Austin's Dress for Success as they are always in need of clothing items to help women get a fresh start in the business world. 
The Community Service Committee also extends our gratitude to Sierra Cleaners on Metric and Parmer (Owner Leonard Vizcarra, Jr.) for steeply discounting the dry cleaning for EWTG's donated items. 


August Educational Event - Fire Station Tour
As citizens within this awesome town that we call home, we often utilize emergency personnel, but rarely are able to see where these individuals work when not on call. 
The Educational Events Committee invites EWTG members and their families to tour an Austin firehouse located in the heart of Central Austin.  On Saturday, August 14th at 10:00 AM, we will tour Fire Station 2 located at 506 West MLK Blvd.  Historically, on November 20, 1932 Fire Station 2 was opened at 506 West Martin Luther King Boulevard.  The original Station 2, located at 1614 Lavaca Street was built in 1878.  It housed Protection Hook and Ladder Company 3.
Immediately following the fire state tour, members and their families are welcome to join us at Mr. Gatti's for an All You Can Eat Buffet.  All members and guests will receive the state employee discount.  Prices for children are as follows:  Ages 1-3: free; Ages 3-5: $3.99; and Ages 6-12: $5.49. 
Parking for the firehouse tour is available in the Mr. Gatti's parking lot located directly across the street from the station. 


Fire Station 2
Fire Station 2
June 23rd Luncheon Recap
Comptroller Susan Combs at EWTG's first Bring Your Own Boss Luncheon
By:  Laure McLaughlin
More than 100 EWTG members and guests crowded into the dining room of the Austin Woman's Club June 23rd to hear Comptroller Susan Combs' entertaining and informative discussion of the state's business climate, tax revenues and current financial situation. 
Describing herself as "relentlessly perky," Comptroller Combs gave some economic history of Texas going back to the 1980s with its successive oil, real estate and financial booms and busts.  State leaders at the time sought to diversify the state's economy and established the Rainy Day Fund or officially known as the "Economic Stabilization Fund."  Today, the Fund has about $7.9 billion in assets and her office forecasts that the Fun balance will rise to $8.2 billion by August 2011 and $9 billion in 2012. 
Unemployment in Texas has remained at or below the national average for 41 successive months, indicating the general strength of the Texas economy.  But, Combs said, unemployment rates vary significantly among regions of the state.  Lubbock an Amarillo, for instance, have about 5 percent of its workforce out of a job, while in Beaumont, that number is in double digits. 
Because Texas avoided the subprime mortgage trouble now ravaging other state's budgets, Combs said, only one of 862 homes are in foreclosure, compared to one in 79 in Nevada, one in 174 in Florida, and one in 186 in California.  Texans' consumer confidence is high at 78.6 index points, but nationally the index is 63.3, 10 in the upper Midwest/Great Lakes region and an abysmal 10 in California. 
Of great interest to state budget experts and agency leaders is the health of the sales tax.  It supplies about 61 percent of the state's general revenue fund, and about 55 percent of that revenue is due to consumer spending.  Receipts between May 2009 and May 2010 rose only 0.1 percent after falling for several months, Combs said. 
With Texas' increasing population, flat sales tax receipts and the structural deficit in the margins tax putting pressure on state finances, Comptroller Combs concluded by saying that the next session will be very stressful, as she things the public will be asking the state to cut back.  With a wink, Combs joked that she just might plan a long trip to Brazil or Hondo early next year.
EWTG's Bring Your Own Boss (BYOB) luncheon was a huge success, with guests, bosses and other state agency heads comprising a third of those in attendance.  A few guests also became new EWTG members.  Congratulations to all for making this BYOB luncheon a wonderful success! 
June 9th Minicourse Recap
Work/Life Coach Melissa Schenker
By:  Sharon Buckley and Carol Lauder
A Work/Life Coach, Melissa Schenker helps clients find satisfaction in their work.  This includes helping those who may be happy with their career choice, but are dissatisfied for some reason.  They work on getting clear about the issues and then experiment with ways to change the client's relationship to their work or look at ways to transition to another type of work.  
Melissa clarified the difference between psychotherapy, coaching and advice from family members and friends.  She said, "If you go to a coach and they don't ask a lot of questions, or they start telling you what you should do, you should run."  She added that a coach is someone with your best interest in mind whereas the advice of family members and friends, or going it alone, may not help you see a situation or yourself clearly. 
Melissa enjoys working with people by helping them answer questions and, in the process, help pin down exactly what it is the client wants to change.   Sometimes that works by helping clients discover how to approach the problem from another angle; other times it is by giving them a plan with deadlines with which to measure their progress. 
She said she often finds that it is helpful to organize your time based on whether tasks use internal or external energy.  By that, she meant separating tasks that require you to be focused and reflective (internal energy) from those that require interaction with others (external energy).  She advocates setting up blocks of time for one and then the other to help with personal time and organization management. 
Whether you need more satisfaction in your current work life, or you are transitioning into retirement, a work/life coach could be just the ticket to a satisfying experience.  For more information, see Melissa's website at www.worklifenow.com.
EWTG thanks Melissa for sharing her role as a work/life coach and for her willingness to help others!
EWTG Welcomes New and Renewing Members!
New Members
Stephanie Harrison, Department of Family and Protective Services
Veronica Inchauste, University of Texas at Austin
Tricia Leal, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Ann O'Connell, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Brenda Parnell, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Joan Scott, Department of Information Resources 
Delores Williams, Department of Information Resources
 Renewing Members
Waleska Carlin, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 
Rebecca Davio, Texas Department of Public Safety 
Lisa Elledge, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Heather Hall, Department of Aging and Disability Services 
N.J. (Jodie) Harrison, UT Health Science Center l
Melissa Hield
Laura Johannsen, Texas Department of Transportation
KaLyn Laney, State Bar of Texas
Diane Mazuca, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Dee McIlroy, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Genoveva Minjares, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
Deborah Mitchell, Employees Retirement System of Texas
Amy L. Morgan, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Karen Morse, Texas Workforce Commission
Elizabeth Perry, Texas Department of Information Resources
Elaine Powell, Retired, Department of State Health Services
Idalia Salazar, Texas Department of Insurance
Wendy Sanchez, Employees Retirement System of Texas
Gerda Sessions, Dynamic Computing Services
Brenda Staehr, Office of the Attorney General
Kerry A. Stennett, Texas Department of Information Resources
Louise Waddill
Tina Washington, Texas Office of Court Administration
Kathleen West, Employees Retirement System of Texas
Liza Willmore, Texas Legislative Council
Grace Windbigler, Texas Department of Information Resources