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First Quarter Scholarships
EWTG scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to those wanting an opportunity for professional advancement or personal growth. All interested members are encouraged to apply; financial need is not a factor. Take a moment to treat yourself to a course you have been putting off or a conference you would love to attend.
Guidelines for qualifying for a scholarship and applications are available on the EWTG website at ewtg.org. The Scholarship Committee will accept applications for this quarter until 5:00 p.m. on March 31st. 
2010 EWTG Board Meetings
The 2010 EWTG Board holds its monthly meetings at the Carver Library in Austin on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The agenda for each meeting will be posted on EWTG's website by noon on the Monday before the meeting.
A summary of the board meeting minutes is also posted on the website.
Committee Volunteers Needed 
Please look over the Committee Descriptions on the EWTG website and consider becoming more active in the organization.
Participating on a committee is a great way to support EWTG, learn new skills and to meet other interesting executive women. As with so many things, "the more you give, the more you get."
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Congratulations to EWTG Members who won a $50 gift cards for completing the 2009 Conference Survey. The two winners were:
Mary Shallberg
Melinda Eppler
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March 2010
President's Corner - We Asked and You Answered!
Carol Lauder, President 

Carol Lauder

I recall a time in junior high school when our Junior Achievement coordinator asked my opinion on what we should charge for the Blinky Bulbs we were making. I remember it distinctly because it was a new experience – to be asked what I thought by an adult who was not a relative. 

In today’s society our opinions factor daily into how businesses function. Many decisions about what products and services are offered, how, when and where products will be advertised, and which stores, dealers or Websites will sell which products are based on the feedback businesses obtain through the use of surveys. 

The EWTG Membership Survey provides valuable information to the Board, which is used to measure member satisfaction about activities and events, and to help chart the organization’s future to ensure members are receiving a value for their investment. If you would like to see the survey results in their entirety, please go to the Member's Only section of our website. The following is a summary of the survey responses.
The board is thrilled that 173 (35%) of our members took the time to respond to the 2009 membership survey. Overall, members are very satisfied with the services offered. I have highlighted the highs and the lows from the responses.
The Top Ten Highs:                                                              
  • 96% of you say you would recommend EWTG membership to a friend or colleague.
  • 74% of those attending the monthly luncheons say the information is useful in their professional work.
  • 72% of those who attend monthly mini-courses say the information and ideas are useful professionally or personally.
  • 84% say the newsletter contains useful information.
  • 82% can easily locate the information needed on the Website.
  • 81% are aware of the scholarships available to members.
  • 79% responded that the training received through EWTG satisfies their professional development needs.
  • 88% stated that the community service activities are an important part of our organization.
  • 96% say their agencies allow email communications from EWTG.
  • 64% can attend EWTG events on work time.
The Top Ten Lows:                                                                 
  • 27% of responders attend the monthly luncheon.
  • 19% of responders attend the mini-courses. 
  • 13% belong to one of our 10 Executive Success Teams.
  • 54% stated they were unaware of the Executive Success Team program.
  • 36% visit the website regularly.
  • 13% have applied for a scholarship.
  •  40% say they cannot take time away from work to attend luncheons.
  • 34% say the location of the luncheons is inconvenient.
  • 30% participate on one or more committees.
  • 36% cannot attend EWTG events on work time.
So, there is good news and bad news. 
The board’s role is to continue to carefully plan for the luncheons, mini-courses, conference, educational events, and membership socials and at the same time, determine how we can increase attendance at these events. It is our role to determine what would drive more traffic to the Website, how to ensure members are aware of the EST Program, and to discover the secret to obtaining more volunteers. The board is stronger and more successful because of member’s feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share their thoughts and concerns. With your help, we can improve upon those items that fell in the Top Ten Lows.
My opinion in 7th grade was that we could sell our Blinky Bulbs for $5.00, and so we did. I was so thrilled my voice was heard. Just as my opinion helped form our business model then, your opinions will help form EWTG’s future. 
The board is working hard to engage members with meaningful programs and events. We hope you will take advantage of the outstanding speakers, stimulating educational offerings and meaningful social events. It is clear from the survey that the majority of those who find the time to attend events walk away believing that it was time well spent. Please put EWTG events on your calendar today. Your participation is what makes EWTG great.  Our programs will equip you for that next promotion, adventure and/or friendship!  By the way, my Blinky Bulb still works. 

Carol Lauder

 EWTG Rememberance- Sue Cullen

  By Ginny Booten

Sue Cullen was a friend to EWTG. Actually, she was our mentor, coach and advocate. Sue was the founder and owner of Sue Cullen & Associates, here in Austin, and I first met her at a women’s workshop she was conducting for a mutual friend. 
Sue had a passion for helping others be successful and finding meaning in their lives. She called this “mattering” and spent her life work doing just that, mattering to all who met her. Her workshop that day was a retreat really, leading us to a rediscovery of meaning, joy and value, not just in our professions, but in every step of our lives. She and I chatted about what I was involved in and she was intrigued with the EWTG mission. We were the definition of “mattering” to her and she instantly became a big supporter of EWTG, volunteering for luncheon speaking engagements, brown bags and workshops for our conferences over the last few years. Several of us invited Sue to help create positive results in our workplaces too. 
She contributed to our state in so many ways - as President of the Texas Career Development Association and member of the Career Planning and Adult Development Network; National Career Development Association; Texas Counseling Association (where she initiated and successfully negotiated the one-term passage of the Texas House Bill governing the counseling industry); Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology; World Future Society eWomen Network; and Greater Austin Chapter of the International Coach Federation. She was also a commissioned leader/trainer in the Stephen Ministry, a nondenominational lay caregiving ministry. Her company tag line read, “Inspiring and empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential.” That was how Sue lived her life every single day. 
Sue passed away far too soon last week and though we will not have her radiant smile and contagious enthusiasm to cheer us on, she leaves behind a wonderful legacy for each of us to follow. We can honor her by “mattering,” by making a positive impact wherever we are. 

March 10 Mini-Course

Barry Izsak
“Getting Organized De-Mystified: 7 Simple Strategies for Success”

By Laure McLaughlin

Consider this: Eight out of ten two-car garages in America can house only one vehicle because the rest of the garage is filled with stuff. 
OK, that’s a made-up statistic. But it’s not far from the truth for most of us. With garages full to the rafters with Christmas decorations, garden tools and the occasional street-worthy vehicle, probably most of us are more than willing to listen to anyone who promises to make “getting organized” a little bit easier. With each spring breeze, the pressure to organize and throw out stuff ratchets up a notch.
Barry Izsak understands your pain. Better yet, Mr. Izsak is an experienced, professional organizer who will tell you how you can cheerfully transform those moldy garages and dusty closets into spaces that would make Martha Stewart gasp with envy. He is the past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Well-known for his passion and quick wit, Barry has appeared on CNN, CNN-fn, CNBC and FOX and been quoted in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles nationwide. Barry is a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle and recipient of the 2008 Service to NAPO Award, 2005 NAPO Founders’ Award and the 2002 NAPO President’s Award.
Join us for this exciting and helpful presentation at noon on Wednesday, March 10, at the Carver Branch Library, 1161 Angelina. To help you make the most of your lunchtime, EWTG will have Mangia pizza, fresh green salad, lemonade, iced tea and dessert for $10 per person, or you can bring your own lunch. Pizza will be served from 11:30 a.m. to noon. The program begins at noon and ends by 1:00 p.m. Please RSVP by clicking here by COB on Monday, March 8, 2010. 
February 10 Mini-Course Recap
February Minicourse “Grow Green” with Denise Delaney, City of Austin, Watershed Protection Department
By Laure McLaughlin
A cold, rainy February afternoon was the perfect time for a lively minicourse on  preparing for new spring gardens. To keep those new gardens—and the city’s water supplies—healthy, EWTG’s minicourse speaker Denise Delaney gave EWTG members many excellent suggestions.
Our freezing, wet winter was the reminder we all need every 15 years or so that native plants survive, Denise said. Look around in a few weeks, she suggested, and see what made it through. Those are the plants you’ll be wanting to plant again.
Denise said that preparing a healthy soil will go a long way to head off plant, disease and even human problems. As an example, she said the active ingredient in many fertilizers—a chemical known as atrazine, which is toxic to mammals in high doses—is found in an astonishing 80 percent of the samples of the city’s water supply. To prevent that, she warned, do not fertilize your lawns before a rain, because most of the fertilizer will run off directly into our water supplies. Instead, apply compost and mulch to receive the same benefits without the chemical toxicity. And wait to fertilize, she cautioned, until after your grass has been mowed a few times. You’ll be better able to judge how much fertilizer, if any, your lawn needs.
Thanks for our winter rains, Denise said, we can expect a wonderful wildflower season. Just be careful in doing any weeding, because you sure don’t want to accidentally dig up emerging bluebonnet plants thinking they are weeds.

Best of all, Denise offered her assistance to anyone with questions about how and what to plant in the garden this year. She also handed out the widely sought after “Native and Adapted Landscape Plants” booklet published by the city. It is an excellent guide and is free for the asking. Call or email Denise with your questions at 512.974.2581 or Denise.Delaney@ci.austin.tx.us. Just tell her EWTG sent you.

March Madness -- EWTG Affiliates Slated for Great Brackets
Having vicariously completed the Double McTwist 1260 in snowboarding, mastered the quad-triple toeloop combination in figure skating, and participated in that final walk in the closing Olympic ceremony, the EWTG Affiliates in Dallas and Houston are now preparing for March Madness. More than an incredible display of women's and men's NCAA basketball talents or unusual rankings for exceptional basketball prowess, this month brings EWTG Affiliate meetings scheduled March 11.
The EWTG Dallas Affiliate will prepare Easter baskets for underprivileged children. Future Dallas meetings will include a motivational presentation about generational differences and a health care discussion. The Dallas meeting begins at 6 p.m. and the meeting location is 3906 Lemmon Avenue #110, Dallas 75219. 
The EWTG Houston Affiliate will discuss parliamentary procedures and plan an offsite event for April. The Houston meeting location is 5425 Polk Street, Room 2E and F, from noon to 1 p.m. Membership applications will be available at the March 11 meeting. New and renewing members are welcome. 
A special thank you to our EWTG Affiliate officers who continue to advance our mission to develop leaders and create positive results. 
EWTG Dallas Affiliate Officers EWTG Houston Affiliate Officers
Nancy Northington - Chair
Carolyn Kirkwood - Chair
Heidi Negaard - Treasurer Glenda Wall - Chair-elect
Brigitti Perry - Membership Marline Boyd - Secretary
Lynn Schanbacher - Membership Brenda McCoy - Treasurer
Sharon Johnson - Program  Karen Morse - Parliamentarian
Vicki Moores - Charities   
Cary Wilkerson - Charities   
Cathy Qualls - Communications     
Additional EWTG Affiliates Planned 
We continue to work on establishing EWTG Affiliates in College Station, San Antonio, and Tyler. The EWTG Bylaws allow affiliates to be established in cities outside of the Austin area. The general requirements include 10 current EWTG members, approval from the EWTG Board, and at least two meetings conducted in 2010.  Your support is encouraged. If you are interested in participating, please send your contact information to Audrey Selden, EWTG Affiliates Director at affiliates@ewtg.org
Whether or not you are a sports enthusiast, we look forward to connecting you with women leaders in your communities. You are welcome on the EWTG team.  
February 24 EWTG Luncheon- Recap
Amy Simmons, A One Woman Industry
By Laure McLaughlin

Wow. If you couldn’t make it to the EWTG February 24th luncheon, you really missed out on getting to know a dynamic woman, Amy Simmons, of Amy’s Ice Cream fame.
It’s not just Amy’s business sense or her fabulous ice cream that makes Amy special. It’s her attitude. Amy began her business “to make people’s day,” she said, because she saw that “magic food known as ice cream” made people happy. Amy spends time with each employee and includes all employees in company decision-making. In fact, she said, she doesn’t make decisions on her own; the team does. Each day, a “pit boss” (a name chosen by employees) is responsible for the day’s scheduling and management at each store. But the pit bosses rotate days, promoting a coordinated, cooperative team. 
Amy said she has “a real spicy group of young people” working around her, something she promotes vigorously. She shares the company’s financial statements with all employees and even helps each employee develop their own personal financial statement. Amy and her husband recently branched out by opening Phil’s Ice House on Burnet Road and will open another on South Lamar this summer. Phil’s, she said, is named for a beloved 17-year employee who died tragically at age 38. 
Amy graduated from Tufts University in Boston with the goal of becoming a doctor. Her work as a medical researcher and the pressure to publish made her realize medicine wasn’t a good fit for her gregarious personality. At the same time, she had a part-time job at a local ice cream store and realized that she could fulfill her desire to help people by selling ice cream.
Because the best ice cream customers in Boston were the “techies,” Amy decided to start her own ice cream store and looked around the country for a good spot. She fell in love with Austin, opening her first store in 1984. Then, as now, Amy doesn’t advertise, but instead promotes her product through community events at every opportunity.
Amy’s Ice Cream is 25 years old now, and she hopes it will be a 100-year-old company one day. Austin—and EWTG—are lucky to have her.
Executive Success Teams – Join Today!
By Barrie Cogburn, President-Elect
Ever heard of this unique member-only opportunity and wondered what it was? Executive Success Teams are small groups of 5-7 members who commit to meeting throughout the year in order to support each other in personal and professional development. 
Each group sets their own team rules for meeting, including the time and place and agenda. Some teams meet at lunch, some in the evenings and others on the weekend. Some groups meet monthly and some add special events to their scheduled meetings. Some teams are purely social in nature; others have mini-courses presented by each other or an outsider on topics the team is interested in. Each group offers a fun and relaxed way to meet other EWTG members in a small and supportive setting. 
There will be a reception for all teams, current and new, in May. Information about this event will be announced soon. This reception is an opportunity for new team members to become acquainted and seek ideas for getting started from existing teams.
Sound interesting?   Then simply fill out the profile found under the Events section of the EWTG website. We welcome new team members or existing team members desiring to move to a different team. Teams will be created by considering common interests in meeting times and location and increasing the diversity in membership of the teams. Profiles are due Friday, April 2nd.