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October 26 Monthly Luncheon
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EWTG Professional Development Conference
Creating Leaders. Delivering Value.

October 13 Mini-Course
EWTG Stars
Introducing the EWTG Buddy Program
October Education Event
Affiliates Update
September 26th Luncheon Recap
September 8th Mini-Course Recap
Austin Duck Adventures Membership Social
New and Renewed Members
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Quarterly Scholarships
EWTG scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to those wanting an opportunity for professional advancement or personal growth. All interested members are encouraged to apply; financial need is not a factor. Take a moment to treat yourself to a course you have been putting off or a conference you would love to attend.
Guidelines for qualifying for a scholarship and applications are available on the EWTG website at ewtg.org. The Scholarship Committee will accept applications for this quarter until 5:00 p.m. on December 31st. 
2010 EWTG Board Meetings
The 2010 EWTG Board holds its monthly meetings at the Carver Library in Austin on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The agenda for each meeting will be posted on EWTG's website by noon on the Monday before the meeting.
A summary of the board meeting minutes is also posted on the website.
Committee Volunteers Needed 
Please look over the Committee Descriptions on the EWTG website and consider becoming more active in the organization.
Participating on a committee is a great way to support EWTG, learn new skills and to meet other interesting executive women. As with so many things, "the more you give, the more you get."
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October 2010
President's Corner - October 2010 
Carol Lauder, President 

Carol Lauder

Keeping Up With the Changing Needs of Our Organization

Periodically there is a need for the review of an organization’s bylaws. Several issues have surfaced that require consideration. I hope you will take time to review the issues and relay your questions and/or concerns to bylaws@ewtg.org

Below are the issues the board of directors would like to address:  
Retirees – We offer special membership rates for retirees. The original intent of the lower rates was to provide a discount to anyone who was no longer working. Since it is a fairly common practice for retirees to go back to work in a professional position, the definition of a retiree for purposes of receiving discounted membership rates needs to be revisited.   The proposal is to continue to provide a membership discount for retirees. If a retiree becomes professionally employed after paying the discounted retiree dues, the board proposes that the re-employed retiree would pay the regular dues the following year when their membership renewal becomes due. 
Executive Director (ED)/Association Management Company – Since we entered into a contract with CMP Association Management Company, we need to address the specific references to an ED in our by-laws. The goal will be to reference this role as generically as possible to allow for the use of an ED or an association management company.
Board Positions – The 2010 board of directors has proposed adding a board position to alleviate the heavy workload of the Program Director. Currently the Program Director and the Program Committee are responsible for finding and securing 10 luncheon speakers, nine mini-course speakers, completing separate articles announcing and highlighting the luncheon and mini-course speaker for the newsletter the month prior to their participation, and writing a newsletter article to summarize each of their presentations the month after they speak. That is four newsletter articles a month, in addition to securing the speakers. In the last six years, our organization has had only three different Program Directors, with one person serving three times, one person serving two times and one person who served one time.    It is the position that is the most difficult to fill given the amount of responsibility it currently requires. 
The board has discussed numerous alternatives to address this challenge. The goal of the discussions is to lighten the work-load of the Program Director. This would also presumably result in an increase in the number of members willing to serve in these roles. All board members present at the September board meeting supported this approach.   An additional advantage to adding a board position is that we would have 11 board members, which would eliminate the possibility of a tie vote on an issue. 
The proposal is to create a board position to serve as the Mini-course Director. By having both a Program Director and a Mini-course Director, the current duties of the Program Director would be broken down into manageable components. With both positions serving on the board, there would be an opportunity for our programs and mini-courses to continue to be directed by one collective body.  
Electronic Means for Voting – With the advancement of technology, EWTG needs to add electronic voting as a means to obtain the will of its members. The bylaws only address using a mailing process or voting at a meeting.   This change would eliminate the printing of paper ballots and the cost of postage. This change will also provide members who are unable to attend a meeting the opportunity to vote on issues.

All active members will be receiving an email with a link, which will explain the proposed bylaw language changes. Send your comments or questions to bylaws@ewtg.org. All comments and responses will be posted in the “Member’s Only” Section of the website under EWTG 2010 By-laws Revisions.  A vote on each of these proposed changes will take place at the October luncheon, on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at the Austin Women’s Club. 
The board is very excited about improving our operations and looks forward to your input. 
Thank you,
Tuesday, October 26th Luncheon
Please note:  the final EWTG monthly luncheon for 2010 has moved to Tuesday, October 26th at the Austin Woman's Club.
Elizabeth Doty and "The Compromise Trap"

By:  Laure McLaughlin

Each of us is required to make tough choices and pragmatic compromises on the job. But how far is too far in making the best of a difficult situation? In these stressful times, it becomes more important than ever to recognize which compromises you need to accept and which could be a "devil's bargain" in disguise. The challenge is more difficult by holding to high ideals even as you recognize the need to contend with practical realities.
 EWTG’s October 26th luncheon speaker is Elizabeth Doty, author of The Compromise Trap: How to Thrive at Work without Selling your Soul. Often referred to as a “business storyteller in the trenches,” Ms. Doty is a consultant, coach, and facilitator specializing in how people participate in organizations while staying true to themselves and contributing to their organization’s effectiveness and integrity. 
Since earning her MBA from Harvard and joining a reengineering firm in 1991, Ms. Doty has both subscribed to the "official story" about work and lived through the contradictions and absurdities of everyday organizational life in a variety of settings from corporate to non-profit to activist groups. For the past 19 years, her consulting firm, WorkLore, has helped companies such as Intuit, Hewlett Packard, Archstone-Smith and CTB/McGraw-Hill address complex leadership issues.
Please join us for a provocative discussion where we will explore the realities of day to day compromise, a practical approach for sorting out which ones are healthy, and how you can sustain the courage to speak up constructively and effectively when needed, as an advocate for what matters most.
The October 26th (Tuesday) luncheon will be held at the Austin Woman’s Club, on San Antonio and West 8th. Members begin gathering at 11:30 AM; a hot buffet lunch is served at 11:45 AM and our program begins at 12:00 PM, concluding at 1:00 PM. The cost of the luncheon is $20 for members and $25 for guests. Please reserve your spot online through www.ewtg.org.


 EWTG Professional Development Conference

Creating Leaders. Delivering Value.

de-liv-er v. deliv-er-ing,

1. To secure:  something promised or desired,
2. To give forth or produce
3. To produce or achieve what is desired or expected; make good

The 2010 EWTG Professional Development Conference will be held on Monday, November 22, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency, Lost Pines Resort in Lost Pines, Texas. This year's theme, "EWTG:  Creating Leaders, Delivering Value," focuses on investing in yourself. Registration is on-line, convenient and easy. Register now at the EWTG.org website to take advantage of the early bird registration rate of $179 for members. After October 18, the fee goes up to $209.
 The event will feature a full day of keynote speakers, workshops and networking to enhance professional development, professional connections and personal growth. The event will begin at 7:30 A.M. with registration and breakfast. The first keynote speaker, Merrie Spaeth, will begin the general session at 8:30 A.M. followed by the EWTG Woman of the Year presentation and one morning workshop. The second keynote speaker, Janet Sue Rush, will speak during lunch followed by two afternoon workshops.
Now is also the time to volunteer for the 2010 Professional Development Conference. We need volunteers for:

·         Staffing Silent Auction
·         Moderating Sessions
The Silent Auction raises funds for the EWTG scholarship program.   The moderator serves as the workshop “host” and EWTG representative. You can volunteer for the Silent Auction by e-mailing the Silent Auction Chair, Karin Darnell at kdarnell@austin.rr.com. To volunteer to be a moderator, please e-mail conference_program@ewtg.org.
The 2010 EWTG Professional Development Conference provides a networking and learning experience targeted for women who want to invest in their careers. Take a moment to invest in yourself. Register for the 2010 Conference now!

October 13th Mini-Course
Your Destiny is in Your Own Hands

By:  Laure McLaughlin

Got the Budget Cut blues? Do you need a little pick-me-up this Fall? Well, maybe what you really need is a little dose of optimism, and EWTG member and author Dokpe Ogunsanya may have the cure for what ails you.
Dokpe, the author of Your Destiny Is in Your Own Hands, is an experienced speaker who concentrates on the forces within that can help you achieve your purpose in life. She will give tips to help you realize that there are, as she puts it, “no show stoppers” in life, refocus your energies and put together the pieces of your life that can help you succeed.
Dokpe is a native of Lagos, Nigeria, a magna cum laude graduate of Huston-Tillotson University with degrees in computer science and mass communications and a graduate of Texas State University with a Master's of Public Administration. She has also been featured in the Austin American-Statesman and on the local television networks! In addition to all this, she is also a great cook and the author of a West African cookbook.
Come to the final EWTG mini-course of the year and share in a little EWTG camaraderie. The mini-course begins at 11:30 A.M. and the program begins at noon, ending promptly at 1:00 P.M. The mini-course will be held at the Carver Branch Library, 1161 Angelina. EWTG will provide terrific pizza, loads of fresh green salad, dessert and drinks for $10, or you can bring your own.   RSVP to ewtg@ewtg.org by Monday, October 4th to ensure you get both a chair and lunch.
EWTG Stars!
Congratulations to two of our members on their recent promotions!

Ginny Booton, Director of the Consumer Relations Division at Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
Deanna DeHaven, Deputy Director of the Project Management Office at Maximus.  
Please congratulate them on their success!
Introducing the EWTG Buddy Program

New members now have the opportunity to be matched with a “buddy” to help them become familiar with EWTG. Buddies are active members that are interested in welcoming new members by attending luncheons or mini-courses with new members, answering questions about the organization and introducing new members to fellow EWTG members. The Buddy Program is a great way for new and old members to get more involved in EWTG and meet new people!
Buddy Roles
New Members: Any member that feels new to the organization and would like to be paired with a more experienced member.
Veteran Member: A member that is familiar with EWTG, is willing to contact the new member at least three times in three months, and will try to attend at least one event with the new member.
Email membership@ewtg.org if you are interested in participating in the Buddy Program. 
We are looking for new and veteran members!
October 2010 Education Event
     Do you want to know more about retirement, health and finance?

Join the Education Events Committee at Nuevo Leon (1501 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702) Thursday, October 14th.  Our evening begins at 5:30 P.M. with a crispy taco buffet!   Then beginning at 6:30, we have three knowledgeable presenters who will provide you with retirement, health, and financial information to help you make decisions about your future.
           Retirement - Judy Juricek, President, Attract Your Ideal Retirement
           Health - Dr. Elaine Traylor, Regional Clinical Director for Deer Oaks
           Finance - Vicki Byrd CFP, Branch Manager, Charles Schwab
There will be drawings throughout the evening and we will wrap up at 8 P.M.  Members are encouraged to attend. The price is $12 for members and $15.00 for guests.  Please reserve your spot through the EWTG website at: http://ewtg.org/cde.cfm?event=325776.
The Education Event Committee hopes to see you there!
 Affiliates Update October 2010
Adventure: Join an EWTG Affiliate 
At the beginning of 2010, several authors wrote about the one thing they each thought would be important to think about (and do) this year. The project is What Matters Now. One of the contributors, Robyn Waters, author of The Trendmaster’s Guide, wrote about Adventure. 
I’ve been thinking about how big our world is and how small-minded we’ve become; how quick we are to judge and how slow to understand. Technology places the resources of the world at our fingertips, yet we have trouble seeing past the ends of our noses. 
For every trend there’s a countertrend worth considering. Resolve to leave the screens of your virtual world momentarily behind, and indulge your senses with a real world adventure. 
St. Augustine said: “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” My advice? 
Adventure calls. Blaze a new trail. Cross a continent. Dare to discover. Escape the routine. Find a fresh perspective. Go slow; gaze absentmindedly and savor every moment. Have some fun! Invest now in future memories. Journeys are the midwives of thought; Keep a journal. Leave prejudice and narrow mindedness behind. Make for the horizon and meet new people. Navigate the unknown. Observe, and open your mind. Pursue a road less traveled. Quest for truth. Rely on yourself. Sail away from the safe harbor; Take a risk. Unleash your curiosity. Venture further. Why wait? Expect the unexpected. Say Yes to adventure….journey with Zeal!
Venture to an Affiliate meeting in Dallas or Houston this month. Meet new people, connect to a wonderful networking resource, and have fun. Visit www.ewtg.org for additional details about upcoming Affiliate meetings. The Dallas Affiliate will meet on October 21 and EWTG Board President, Carol Lauder, will attend. The Houston Affiliate will meet on October 14 from noon to 1 P.M. at 5425 Polk Street, Room 2E and F. Membership applications will be available at the meetings. New and renewing members are welcome. Learn more about EWTG recruitment efforts in Bryan-College Station and San Antonio. Contact us at affiliates@ewtg.org.
September 26 Monthly Luncheon Recap
Guy Herman:  Tireless Mental Health Advocate

by Laure McLaughlin and Liza Chen Willmore
Locking up the mentally ill in jails is a useless, wasteful exercise, said EWTG’s September luncheon speaker, Travis County Probate Court Judge Guy Herman. With his discerning mind and caring heart, Judge Herman has helped the lives of the mentally ill and their families for the past 30 years. 
In the past, Judge Herman said, mentally ill patients were often picked up by police on minor charges and immediately ushered off to jail, when what they really needed was treatment in a mental facility. Judge Herman pointed out the marked improvement now in the way we treat our mental health patients. Private facilities now care for most of the mentally ill and there are more staff trained to deal with these critical situations. 
However, he added, even with recent improvements, very few beds are available for mentally ill inmates. State hospitals remain at full capacity, while Travis County jail currently houses more than 600 people who are mentally ill. As expected, the caseload is also increasing with the economic downturn and joblessness. He believes that Travis County needs more medical-based facilities to offer cost-effective and appropriate care for these individuals, which would cost less than 24-hour incarceration. Medicaid only pays for beds attached to medical-surgical facilities and the city/county integral care system has about 42 percent of its patients on Medicaid. He is hoping the state will take a long view at this situation and help the mentally ill all across the state of Texas.

EWTG members appreciated Judge Herman’s insight into and analysis of this difficult, challenging social issue.  Click here to see photos from the luncheon.

September 8th Mini-Course Recap
Susan Biles:  "It's Never Too Early to Prepare for the Legislature"

With the regular session of the 82nd Texas Legislature convening in just a few months, General Land Office legislative specialist Susan Biles had some tips in case you find yourself testifying in a legislative committee.
The first tip is to dress professionally for your presentation so that you will be taken seriously. Once you begin speaking, don’t read from written testimony (which should already be in the hands of the committee’s clerk), but summarize it as succinctly as possible. Stick to no more than three points to make, then make them and wait for questions. Another tip of Susan’s was not to fall for the awkward silence.
Of course, don’t lie, mislead or speculate. It’s always better to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you,” and then do that as soon as possible. Answer queries calmly, with the least amount of information possible. Don’t ask questions, unless it is to clarify what the member may be asking. The more you say, the more trouble you can get into.
More subtle tips from Susan were to avoid sitting in the front of the committee room because you’ll be on television and any gaff, reaction or comment you make is there for all the world to see. You’ll want to have snacks handy (to eat outside the committee room), something to read and probably a sweater, as the rooms at the Capitol can get cold.
Another is “don’t herd.” Legislators dread seeing a troop of agency personnel coming in the room together, sitting together and leaving together. Doing so makes it look like the person testifying doesn’t have confidence in his or her testimony and must rely upon a dozen aides.
With a rumored $18 billion budget shortfall looming, chances are many EWTG members will find themselves in a legislative committee room. Keeping Susan’s tips in mind will help ensure the time spent there will be worthwhile.

Austin Duck Adventures Social

On Tuesday, September 28, 40 EWTG members participated in a tour of Austin on the Austin Duck Adventures amphibian vehicle. The event included three different kinds of croissant sandwiches, fruit trays, lemon cake, banana walnut bread and wine. Special thanks to the 620 Café and Bakery for providing the delicious snacks and bottled water!
The tour provided an informative drive through downtown Austin, a relaxing ride on Lake Austin and plenty of time for socializing and networking. All members had a great time exploring Austin and getting to know each other!
EWTG Welcomes New and Renewing Members!
 New Members
Brenda Baumann, St Davids Medical Center
Tricia Bowen, Texas Department of Transportation
Terry Boyce, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Linda Compton, Health & Human Services Commission
Lisa Dover, Health and Human Services Commission
Jan Halverson, Halverson Texas Association of Counties
Toni Luther, Texas Department of Transportation
Anna Presley-Burnham, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Jenny Rutherford, Department of Information Resources
Anna Sicher, Texas Health & Human Services Commission
Crystal Taylor, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Carolyn Wofford, Texas Department of Transportation
Michelle Zahler, Texas Department of State Health Services

 Renewing Members

Mary Bennett, Texas Department of Transportation
Barbara Chavis, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Molly Cost, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Christy Davis, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Debra Doerflein, City of Austin
Ruth Ann Doss, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Teri Flack, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-retired
Dolores Fojtasek, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Jenice Gonzales, Texas Department of Transportation
Paula Elizabeth Griffin, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Roxanne Gruhlke, Texas Workforce Commission
Karen Howard, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Carol Jackson, Comptroller of Public Account
Patricia Kuntz, Texas General Land Office
Janet Manley, Texas Department of Transportation
Laure McLaughlin, Comptroller of Public Accounts
Alice A. Mehringer, Texas Veterans Commission
Dianne Mendoza, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Melinda Metteauer, MAXIMUS, Inc.
Gail Murray, Health & Human Services Commission
Larissa Schmidt, Texas Animal Health Commission
Jane Scott, BrightLeaf Group, Inc.
Kay Smith, Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services
Sidne Tiemann, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Jo Virgil, Office of the Governor
Christy Webb, Office of the Attorney General
Pamela Wood, State Office of Administrative Hearings