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Documents and References

This page provides links to various documents and sites that may be of interest to floodplain managers in Nevada, Hawaii, and California. If you know of other sites likely to be of interest or useful to floodplain managers, please email your suggestion to admin@floodplain.org.

FMA Sacramento Luncheon Presentations

A Six Point Plan for Economic Prosperity and the Central Valley Flood Management Plan (pdf, 1.11 MB)
New Regional Skew for California (pdf, 3MB)
Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Development Overview (pdf, 1.08MB)
NFIP Compliance (pdf, 1MB)

FMA San Diego Luncheon Presentations

San Diego County Coastal Wetlands, Challenges and Opportunities for Large Scale Restoration Projects, (pdf, 4.19MB, 4/12)
The March 11, 2011 Tohoku Tsunami in Japan and California (pdf, 4.08MB, 11/11)         Upcoming Changes to FEMA Regulatory Flood Products & Mapping Flood Risk on the California Coast (pdf, 4.5 MB, 07/11))

News Related Publications

NFIP/CRS Update, February 2012 (pdf, 170K)
California Water Plan News, February, 2012 (pdf, 639K)
Silver Jackets Quarterly Newsletter, January 2012 (pdf, 185K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, December 2011 (pdf, 341K)
FEMA New Levee Approach and Public Review Factsheet, December 2011 (pdf, 75K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, September 2011 (pdf, 419K)
California Emergency Function Guidance (pdf, 389K)
NFIP/CRS Special Bulletin (pdf, 157K)
Interim Levee Design Criteria (pdf, 361K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter August-September, 2011 (183K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, June 2011 (458K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter July-August, 2011 (pdf, 204K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter May-June, 2011
California FloodSAFE Newsletter May 2010 (pdf, 1.6Mb)
Floodplain Management and Liability Reporter (pdf, 680K) 2009
Floodplain Management and Liability Reporter 11-09 Issue (pdf, 800k)


San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Mapping FEMA Pilot Project (pdf, 311K) 2/12 
NFIP Regional Engineer Assignments by County (pdf, 600K) 3/09
NFIP Regional Planner Assignments by County (pdf, 600K) 3/09
FEMA Insurance Outreach Toolkit for Flood Map Updates

National and State Policy Papers and Presentations

Programs and Approaches in Floodplain Management 

Floodplain Restoration

Stormwater Management

California Stormwater Handbook (.pdf) 200k

Flood Mitigation

 Climate Change

Native American Flood Issues

Land Use and Floodplain Management

Flooding, Flood Planning, Standards and Emergency Response

Funding and Financial Analysis

No Adverse Impact and Legal Issues

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