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December 2011

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2012 Election Results
35th MWM
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Important Upcoming Dates for ARO   

Pre-Registration Deadline:  

January 20, 2012


MWM Hotel Room Rate Deadline:  

January 27, 2012


2012 MWM:  

February 25-29, 2012


2013 Symposia Letter of Intent Deadline: 

February 26, 2012


2013 Solicited Symposia Proposal Deadline:  

March 16, 2012


2013 Abstract Submission: 

September 1 - October 1, 2012


Travel Award Application Deadline: 

October 15, 2012

Grant Postings Online  

Did you know the association posts all request for applicants and proposal grant notices we receive online for members only? These postings can be found under the announcement section of the ARO website.


Recently posted grant opportunities:    

NOHR: RFA - Inner Ear Hair Cell Regeneration Research Grant 


RFA - 2012 Central Otolaryngology Research Efforts (CORE) Grants  


RFA - Knowles Hearing Center Research Grant Opportunity  


DRF: RFA - Junior and Senior-Level Investigators

TRC: RFA - Clinical Trials of Treatment for Tinnitus

TRC: RFA - Epidemiology of Tinnitus

TRC: RFA - Behavioral Neurobiology of Tinnitus: Mechanisms of or Sites Associated with the Percept of or Reactions to Tinnitus  

TRC: RFP - Development and Validation of a Behavioral Animal Model of Emotional or Autonomic Reactions to Tinnitus   

Access JARO Articles 

JARO Cover  

Having issues accessing the full listings of articles on the JARO site? Are you logging in correctly?

Lately we have been receiving many emails here requesting how to access full downloads for each published article.

Members no longer need to have a separate username and password to access the journal. Simply log onto the ARO website's members only section, hover over JARO, and a drop down menu will appear that contains a link for member access to the articles.

Unable to log onto the ARO site? Contact the ARO Executive Office for assistance, 856.423.0041 or via email
Letter from the Editor


I would like to congratulate Dr. Linda Hood as the new ARO Editor and Council member. I have had the pleasure to serve as your Editor and on the Council since 2000 and I have enjoyed all previous ARO meetings since 1976. During my tenure as Editor, we have been through two major revisions of the ARO website and a gradual transition from printed to electronic ARO materials in order to keep costs down and communicate with the membership more effectively. ARO has also been trying to find a new home since we outgrew the Tradewinds hotel in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, and it now appears that we have decided to alternate an east and west coast venue. We searched for years for an affordable hotel on the beach in Florida in the winter, but realized that it was the high quality of the scientific content and great colleagues that were our strengths and not the meeting location. ARO is unique in that we make an effort to integrate basic science with clinical applications by encouraging M.D.'s to attend and present at our meeting. The result has been that we all gain an appreciation of each others' research strengths as we try to understand basic mechanisms in communication disorders and how that information applies to medical therapies.


There are many people within the organization and at Talley who made my volunteer job manageable and enjoyable, but there are a few individuals who provided outstanding service to the ARO. First, I would like to thank Dr. David Lim for starting this organization, for his friendship, and for providing his ongoing leadership and historical perspective of the ARO. We are fortunate to have him continue as the Historian and for his continued wise advice to the Council and President, who have rather short terms of service and little institutional memory. I wish also to thank Drs. Judy Dubno who was president and Mario Ruggero who was the program chair during that particularly difficult time when we first started working with Talley management company and a new abstract processing service. It was through their intense efforts and minor miracles that year that we had a successful meeting. The successful growth of the ARO was also made possible with the outstanding efforts of Lisa Astorga and Darla Eastlack of Talley. Lisa has done a wonderful job with hotel contracts and meeting management. For the Editor, Darla helped me greatly, as she was not only skilled with all of the website issues, but worked with the printers and abstract processing company as well. Darla, David, and Lisa provided outstanding service to the Council as they could recall every detail of our procedures, policies and how we dealt with problems in the past. They also provided important advice to the Treasurer/Secretary to keep a lid on expenses since many people who come to the Council want to spend ARO funds for their worthy causes. I also enjoyed working with the various presidents of the ARO, and gaining interesting perspectives from both the MDs and Ph.D.s. Since this job takes considerable time, I wish Linda the best possible success and offer my advice if she desires it. I also look forward to having more time for my research and to explore a new exciting initiative that I hope will lead to a better understanding of how to ameliorate hearing loss in humans. Thank you again for electing me to so many terms and for letting me serve as your Editor and on the ARO Council.

Award of Merit Presentation


Peter Santi, Ph.D., Editor ARO
2012 Election Results 


Thank you once again to all members who voted in the 2012 ARO election.  Congratulations, to the newly elected members, who are:


President-Elect: Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD


Editor:  Linda Hood, PhD


Councilor:  Barbara Canlon, PhD


The complete list of ARO Council members is available at:

35th MidWinter Meeting


ARO takes great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the 35th MidWinter Meeting. The meeting will be held February 25-29, 2012 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, CA, USA.  The Program will consist of Workshops, Plenary Sessions, Symposia and Oral and Poster Abstract Presentations.


Meeting Registration:

Register for the 2012 MidWinter Meeting online through  


Don't forget the last day for early registration is January 20, 2012   

Hotel Information:

The Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel is located at One Market Place in San Diego, California, USA.

The group rate is $199. For reservations, call 888-421-1442 and mention the ARO group or click here to make reservations online.   


The final day to book ARO's group rate is January 27, 2012


Award of Merit Presentation  

ARO Symposia and Special Events for 2012 


Presidential Symposium

  • Listening with the Brain: Cochlear Implants and Central Auditory System Plasticity
  • Current Theories About the Generation of Otoacoustic Emissions and the Clinical Implications
  • Interactive Workshop on 3D Reconstruction of the Ear
  • Mechanisms and Circuitry Underlying Auditory Spectrotemporal Integration
  • Molecular Anatomy and Physiology of the Ribbon Synapse
  • New Insights on Vestibular Neuropharmacology:  From Bench to Bedside
  • Real-World Hearing:  Neural Coding and Perception
  • The Spiral Ganglion: Neurogenesis and Concepts for Regeneration
  • The Yin and Young of Sound Localization
  • Using Massively-Parallel Next Generation Sequencing Techniques to Advance Studies and Clinical Cares of Hearing Loss
  • Vestibular Psychophysics


  • Facing Animal Extremism 
  • NIDCD Workshops
  • Get Your Research Funded  

Call for Symposium and Workshop Proposals for ARO 2013 MidWinter Meeting 


The ARO Program Committee is presently soliciting proposals for Symposium and Workshops for the 2013 MidWinter Meeting.    Symposiums are organized as a series of oral presentations on a theme. Preference will be given to proposals that strive for timely syntheses across or within existing disciplines or explorations of new approaches that will expand research in new directions. Speakers from outside the usual ARO circle are encouraged insofar as they might contribute a novel perspective. Note that the ARO will reimburse coach-class travel expenses and will pay a small honorarium for non-ARO-member symposium and workshop speakers.


Workshops can be on topics of interest to a focused subgroup of ARO members or might focus on a particular technical innovation. Workshops often are scheduled for late afternoon or early evening.


The Program Committee encourages participation in symposium and workshops by non-U.S. scientists.


Proposal submission involves three steps: electronic submission of the downloadableSymposium and Workshop Proposal form, submission of a Letter of Intent, and followed by solicitation of a Formal Proposal (all to be done electronically via email). Proposal forms and Letters of Intent are requested with a strict due date of Sunday, February 26, 2012, at 12:00 noon -earlier submission is encouraged if possible. The letter can be emailed to the Program Committee chair (preferred) or hand-delivered to the ARO Registration desk (attn: Lisa Astorga) at the 2012 MidWinter Meeting.    


Letter of Intent should include:

  • Name of the organizer with contact information, including email
  • The session title
  • A brief (<300 word) description of the theme and target audience
  • A tentative list of speakers (4 to 7), with descriptive titles of their topics. Indicate whether each speaker has been contacted and agreed to participate. Not all speakers need to have committed at this point.


The program committee will meet during the 2012 MidWinter Meeting to select the topics of interest. Formal proposals will then be solicited. The formal proposals will include agreements to participate from all the speakers, brief preliminary abstracts for each talk and time schedule. Solicited formal proposals will be due on Friday March 16th at 6:00 pm PST. The Program Committee will evaluate the proposals shortly thereafter and will make the final selections. Note that the final abstract for each symposium or workshop talk will be due at the regular abstract submission time, September 1 - October 1, 2012.


Send proposals to:

We hope to see you at the 35th MidWinter Meeting in San Diego, CA. Call us at (856) 423-0041 with any questions.


The Association for Research in Otolaryngology