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Senior Spirit Newsletter
Your Health
Your Health
Delirium a Serious Threat for Older Hospital Patients
The risks of a hospital stay now include delirium, which can increase cognitive problems, the length of a hospital stay and even the likelihood of death. Hospitals are starting to become aware of the problem and are taking measures to prevent this costly and harmful condition. Click here to read more.

Your Money
Your Money
Looking for Medical Bargains? Visit Other Countries.
Thereís an increase in medical tourism as people seek treatment abroad for procedures, such as tummy tucks or a new set of teeth, that their health insurance does not adequately cover. Click here to read more.
Lifestyle Trends
Donít Fall in Love with a Romance Scammer
Looking for love online can lead to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars, if you become the victim of scammers who know all the right lines and convince you to send money to pay for their increasing hardships. Click here to read more.
Tech 101
Tech 101
Let an Online Manager Protect Your Passwords
For older brains that canít retain everything, password managers provide an easy solution to memorizing dozens of passwords. Click here to read more.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Teens Introduce Seniors to the Internet
What happens when a generation that never used the computer links up with a generation that grew up with technology? Click here to read more.
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
Click here to read more.
January Educational Webinar
Owing the IRS Taxes
What if Your Senior Owes IRS and Cannot Pay?
This session will discuss reasons why your senior may owe taxes; Requirements to pay taxes; What can happen if they don't pay their taxes; Various methods to pay their taxes; And where seniors can get tax assistance, including "free" help. Click here to read more.

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