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Senior Spirit Newsletter
Your Health
Your Health
Hospice Provides Emotional Comfort to the Dying
Rather than trying to cure someone who is terminally ill, hospice works to ease physical pain and make the patient comfortable so they can enjoy the last days or months with family and friends, ideally at home. Click here to read more.
Your Money
Tech 101
Beware of Home Repairs Too Good to Be True
Watch out for contractors who knock on your door and offer their services, especially after storms or tornadoes have caused extensive damage in the area. Seniors, especially, are vulnerable to these fly-by-night repairmen who often take your money and flee or do substandard work. Click here to read more.
Lifestyle Trends
Tech 101
Donít Let Age Keep You from Bicycling
New bicycle models, including electric and adult tricycles, plus the popularity of biking trails and paths, offer new options for older adults who want to keep riding into their golden years. Click here to read more.
Tech 101
Tech 101
Online Banking Helpful for Seniors
To those of us who didnít grow up with the Internet, online banking can seem dubious. However, in many ways online banking makes sense for aging brains that occasionally forget to pay bills. You can authorize your bank to automatically pay regular bills, such as those for credit cards or car payments. Click here to read more.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
One-Stop Online Resource for Seniors
Do you need information about Medicare? Maybe youíre trying to figure out how to apply for Social Security, or just looking for tips on how to stay healthy as you age. The government has just launched a one-stop resource aimed at older Americans. Click here to read more.
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
Click here to read more.
CSA Blog
CSA Blog
The Joys of Travel: older adults are embarking on adventures of a lifetime in unprecedented numbers.
Travel among older adults is increasing exponentially. It's the perfect time in life to embark on new adventures. But there are also many practical matters that should be addressed beforehand. Click here to read this blog posting.

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