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Senior Spirit Newsletter
American Cancer Society
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the United States (other than skin cancer), and is the second leading cause of cancer death (cancer.org). The Society of Certified Senior Advisors has joined the efforts to help promote breast cancer awareness. Visit cancer.org to learn how you can get involved in your community.
Your Health
Your Health
How to Talk Effectively with Your Doctor
You've finally been able to sit down with your healthcare provider to discuss a worrisome health problem. But all too soon it's over, and you realize you didn't quite understand the diagnosis and treatment and you have more questions. Experts offer suggestions for an effective visit with your doctor. Click here to read more.
Your Money
Your Money
Solo Aging: How to Cope with End-of-Life Issues
Older adults who have no children need to set up protective legal documents for financial or health issues, plus find a trustworthy person or institution to carry out their wishes when the time comes. Click here to read more.
Lifestyle Trends
Solo Aging: Take Steps Now to Create a Network
Those who are childless may lack the social networks that children and grandchildren provide. For elder orphans, experts say it's important to create a circle of support for aging. Click here to read more.
Tech 101
Tech 101
The Pleasures of Reading - Electronically
E-readers, such as Kindle, offer some advantages over print books. You can adjust the type size or download hundreds of books onto your device for that trip to the beach or to a mountain cabin. Click here to read more.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
'You are not just Alzheimer's'
A contestant in the Miss America pageant tells of her encounter with Joe, an Alzheimer's patient: "You are not defined by this disease....You are still Joe." Click here to read more.
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
Click here to read more.
CSA Blog
CSA Blog
Longevity in Okinawa: A Model for Treasuring Old Age
As Western culture prepares for the growing aging population, we search for models of how to find the fountain of youth and integrate meaning and value into the “third age.” Which societies are doing it right? Where can we find role models to show us the way? One example is on the island of Okinawa. Click here to read this blog posting.

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