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Senior Spirit Newsletter
Alzheimer's Association
November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month and Family Caregivers Month
Visit the Alzheimer's Association at alz.org to learn how you can raise awareness in your community, as well as honor a caregiver.
Your Health
Your Health
New Treatments for Preventing Alzheimer’s
Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented? The jury is still out on the subject, but recent new drug studies, clinical trials, diets, lifestyle changes, mental gymnastics, ultrasounds, vitamin therapies and specialized groups and communities are paving the way for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment, as the search for a cure continues. Click here to read more.
Your Money
Your Money
Protect Yourself from Financial Abuse
Most financial exploitation comes from family members, unfortunately, but there are ways to protect yourself, including choosing direct deposit for retirement checks. Click here to read more.
Lifestyle Trends
Tiny Houses Popular but Can Have Big Issues
Many older adults are drawn to tiny houses, which can be a good way to downsize and achieve a more carefree life. However, zoning laws across the country have not kept up with the popularity of these small dwellings, which exist in a gray area between homes and RVs. Finding a place to put your tiny house can be a big challenge. Click here to read more.
Tech 101
Tech 101
Take Steps to Digitally Measure Your Health
An array of electronic devices lets you measure your health, including steps taken, calories burned and blood pressure level. Click here to read more.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
‘Tis the Season to Watch Out for Medicare Fraud
During Medicare’s open enrollment period, scammers are out in force to steal your identity—often by pretending to be Medicare staff and asking for personal information such as your Social Security number. Click here to read more.
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
Click here to read more.
CSA Blog
CSA Blog
2016 Call for Proposals
The Society of Certified Senior Advisors is currently accepting proposals for the 4th Annual CSA Conference. The 2016 Program Committee invites proposals for conference sessions supporting the theme Building Knowledge and Empowering Networks to Benefit Seniors. Click here to read this blog posting.

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