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Senior Spirit Newsletter
Your Health
Your Health
Medicare Offers Many Free Preventive Benefits
Many people on Medicare may not realize that a wide range of preventive benefits, including screenings and counseling sessions, are free of charge. Another complimentary benefit is the SilverSneakers exercise program, which is available through more than 65 major plans across the United States. Click here to read more.
Your Money
Your Money
Reduce Your Bill Now for 2015 Taxes
Although itís only the holiday season, and taxes might be the furthest thing from your mind, changes in your financial situation before the year ends can affect how much youíll pay in taxes next year. Click here to read more.
Lifestyle Trends
Plan Ahead for a Happy Retirement
Many older adults spend time planning for their financial future after they retire, but few think about what they will do with their new leisure time. For many retirees, this lack of planning results in disappointment. Experts advise to prepare ahead of time for the rest of your life. Click here to read more.
Tech 101
Tech 101
Keep It Simple: Cell Phones Aimed at Seniors
Whether this is your first cell phone or the next in a long line, before you make a decision, itís good to know exactly what you want or need in a cell phone. Many manufacturers offer simple phones for seniors, with extra-large print and other features. Click here to read more.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Be Prepared for Flu Season
As we age, our immune system weakens. For this reason, people 65 and older are more likely to get the flu and experience complications. As we enter the influenza season, be prepared. The National Council on Aging offers important information. Click here to read more.
Famous & 65
Famous and 65
Famous and 65
View the celebrities turning 65 this month.
Click here to read more.
December Educational Webinar
Tax Preparation
Make 2015 Tax Preparation Less Taxing
In this webinar, Beanna Whitlock covers the important items for tax preparation, including standard deduction and personal exemption rates, taxability of social security, bunching of deductions and IRA planning, and more. Click here to access this webinar
CSA Blog
CSA Blog
The Science of Caregiving
What we expect from lifeís stages is often what we read, research and hear. But there is one life stage perhaps we donít see coming and are inadvertently not prepared to shoulder Ė caregiving for someone with memory loss. Click here to read this blog posting, courtesy of Sunrise Senior Living.

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