Top Dating Sites for Older Adults

Baby boomers have more choices than ever for finding romance or just making a new friend.

Dating can be a real pain at any age. Trying to find a romantic partner in your social group can be hit or miss at best. It can be even more difficult for baby boomers who may not get out as much as a younger crowd, or who have a fixed social circle without potential matches.
Technology has an answer.

Dating app developers have taken note of the legions of older adults who want to date, and they’ve responded with sites that are just for those of a certain age. After all, older adults often have a clearer view of who they are and what they want, whether it be marriage, casual romance or a friend to share dinner with now and then. The spark of a new love interest can be just as bright at 70 as 17, and older adults are willing to use technology to help kindle the fire.

Romance Scams Aimed at Older Adults

Scammers are everywhere, and older adults seeking romance may become easy prey if they’re not savvy. Women in particular need to be aware that the picture of the handsome older man in the profile photo may be a total fake, and the profile itself was invented to lure in women. Guys, this can happen to you, too, so read on.

Scammers may be overseas or in the U.S., but they all want access to your money. You may be thinking that you’re WAY too smart to fall for that baloney, but don’t be so sure. Some extremely intelligent people have been ashamed to admit that they got conned. The scammers are highly skilled at pulling at your heartstrings, making you feel loved before you’ve met. (And you never will meet). Never, ever give out bank account information or send money to ANYONE you meet online, especially that incredibly sensitive, romantic person who only wants to be with you. Following are some clues about who may be a scammer:

First, check out the profile photo. Is the person good-looking and fit? Holding a beer or glass of wine, wearing sunglasses? Scammers use stock photos of models to hook their mark. Consider limiting emails to five or so before setting up a meeting. Someone overseas doesn’t want you to know it’s impossible to meet face-to-face. And beware of someone who won’t speak at all over the phone; it could be because their English will tip you off that they didn’t grow up in the U.S. A phone conversation should serve to set up a meeting, not as an end in itself. Scammers use these talks to pry information out of you about family members, where you live, financial information and vulnerabilities.

Finally, get a last name and phone number for anyone you’ll be meeting in person and give that information to someone you trust. Check in with that person after your date to acknowledge that all is well. For more online dating tips, go to for advice from professional dating coach Lisa Copeland.

In fact, there are so many dating apps for the baby boomer generation out there that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. Should you be on more than one app at a time to increase your chances? Is paying for more service the way to go, or is it just as good to use the freebie version? Is there really one site for people interested in marriage? All the questions can prevent you from joining at all. But if you don’t dive in, you’ll never find a pearl! As with most things in life, you’ll learn as you go. But just in case you’d like a few pointers, we’ve gathered information about some popular sites to get you started on your journey. They’re in no particular order, so browse sites that interest you to get a feel for them.

Volunteering for Love

Leave it to folks in progressive Austin, TX, to come up with the first dating experiment to combine philanthropy with romance. Swoovy founders Brooke Waupsh and Jeff McMahon reached out to local nonprofits to assess interest in the app. Potential partners included animal rescues, community gardens, food banks and more. They figured that people who share a common interest in doing good might have a better chance of hitting it off. It can also be easier to chat when you’re engaged in a common task than if you’re facing each other over a cup of coffee. And if the date didn’t go like you’d hoped, well, you still put in some time at community service. Everybody wins. Right now, the app is only available in Austin, but watch for it to roll out to other parts of the country.

Tips for Your First Meeting

The vast majority of dating from an online introduction goes very well. However, it’s smart to take a few precautions just in case. OurTime offers the following tips for your first dates:

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