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APS Annual Leadership Meeting

EPS President Petra Rudolf participated in the International Leadership Forum of the American Physical Society. Watch the videos of the discussions.

SIF presidency: It's not a farewell!

Read the editorial of Luisa Cifarelli, SIF President, published in the newsletter of the Italian Physical Society, SIF Pagina, in December 2019.

EPS Young Minds: Physics Escape Room

The goal of a good communicator must be to seek new ways to arise interest and curiosity, to involve the observers as much as possible and to make them an active part of what is being done. With this belief, the Young Minds section of Naples PONYS (Physics and Optics Naples Young Students) has created a Physics-themed escape room, presented for the first time at the 33rd edition of the "Futuro Remoto" scientific festival, held in Naples from 21 to 24 November 2019.

Tactile Collider: science is for everyone

During the EPS 2019 conference held in Ghent last summer, Rob Appleby, Chris Edmonds and Robyn Watson were awarded the Outreach Prize of the EPS High Energy Physics Division " for the Tactile Collider Project that brings particle physics to blind and visually impaired schoolchildren through touch and sound."

Important milestone for KM3NeT

With the installation of two more detection units at the French site of KM3NeT, the first phase of building the ORCA detector of the KM3NeT neutrino telescope is completed. Since 27 January 2020, the detector is taking data with six detection units. The first candidate neutrino events are already seen.

Code of Conduct for the EPS-sponsored conferences

The European Physical Society (EPS) is committed to promoting the advancement of physics, in Europe and all over the World, by all suitable means, including through the organization of international meetings and conferences.

What will be the impact of Brexit on the European R&D?

The ultimate victory of the Conservative party left no doubt that the UK would have to part the European Union. The scientific community, and not only, has serious concerns about the impact on research and development of the EU budget this process will bring along.

A First-of-its-Kind National Conference Towards Gender Equity by the Indian Physics Association: Pressing for Progress 2019

This article is a publication of the Bulletin of the AAPPS, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies.

Roland Eötvös (1848-1919): new souvenirs

Last year Hungary solemnly commemorated, under the aegis of UNESCO, the centenary of the passing away of Roland Eötvös (1848-1919), the founding father of Geophysics. As is generally known, Eötvös developed the ‘torsion balance’ carrying his name, an instrument sufficiently sensitive to charter the variation of gravitation in the field.

Conferences and events

9th EPS-QEOD Europhoton Conference
30 August - 4 September 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

ESIA Summer Schools 2020

47th Conference on Plasma Physics
22-26 June 2020, Sitges, Spain

Applied Nuclear Physics Conference
13-18 September 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

EGAS52 conference
Registration is now open.


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