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Winter 2020 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction to María García Parajo

The European Physical Society is happy to announce that the Winter 2020 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction is awarded to María García Parajo, researcher at the ICFO in Spain.

ESPD Media of the Month contest

The European Solar Physics Division is pleased to announce that the winner of the ESPD Media of the Month contest for January is G. Vigeesh (Leibniz-Institut for Solar Physics, KIS).

News from the EPS Young Minds

An online workshop on Assertiveness training was organised for EPS Young Minds Sections in October 2020.

International Day of Light 2021

The IDL team is now welcoming registration of events on and around 16 May 2021 for the next International Day of Light celebrations.

News from the Institute of Physics

IOP backs subject specific to professional development for teachers.

EPFL moves boldly into space with its CHESS satellites

The EPFL Spacecraft Team has set itself the ambitious goal of launching two satellites by 2023. With this bold initiative, this student team hopes to gain further insight into the chemical composition of the outermost layers of our atmosphere.

All ALPS magnets installed in the tunnel

DESY's "light through the wall experiment" ALPS II is taking shape. ALPS, short for "Any Light Particle Search", is being installed in a tunnel section of the former HERA accelerator. The international ALPS team will search for dark matter using twenty-four former HERA magnets, laser light and a highly sensitive detector.

Day of women and girls in science: a vision of the role of women in the ALBA Synchrotron

Headed by its director, the women at the ALBA Synchrotron are leading figures of the science that takes place in the scientific infrastructure.

Change of course on the journey to the island of stability

Center of the island of stability is not located at element 114 — Heavier elements will move into the spotlight.

ESRF and UCL scientists awarded grant

ESRF and UCL scientists have been awarded a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for human organ imaging project.

ERC News

2021 Work Programme and first calls

ERC announced 55 new Proof of Concept grants

Reimagining Academic Career Assessment

Should researchers still be attending international conferences in person?

Is it necessary to travel to conferences?

Read the article from "Horizons", Swiss research magazine here.

Events and important dates

EPS-HEP conference 2021
EPS conference on high energy physics, 26-30 July 2021, online.

47th EPS Plasma Physics conference
Online event from 21-25 June 2021.

MECO46 Conference
Riga Technical University (Riga, Latvia), 11-13 May 2021, online.

EPS Activities
View the activities of the EPS Executive Committee and the EPS Staff in January 2021.

EPN 52-1

View the EPS magazine in its flipbook version here.

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