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EPS Council 2020: Luc Bergé is the next EPS President-Elect

The 2020 Council meeting of the European Physical Society [EPS] took place on 29 May 2020. The EPS Secretariat organised the meeting on-line, allowing more than 70 people to participate in the meeting.

The Summer 2020 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction goes to Hatice Altug

"for her seminal contributions to light-matter interaction at the nanoscale, manipulation of light on-chip and application of nanophotonics in biology, and her inspiring role for the next generation of researchers and women".

The 2020 EPS-CMD Europhysics Prize is awarded to Jörg Wrachtrup

"for his pioneering studies on quantum coherence in solid-state systems, and their applications for sensing, and, in particular, for major breakthroughs in the study of the optical and spin properties of nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond."

The EPS Edison Volta Prize 2020 is announced

The European Physical Society [EPS], the Fondazione Alessandro Volta, and Edison S.p.A. are delighted to announce the award of the 2020 EPS Edison Volta Prize to Dieter Weiss, Jurgen Smet and Klaus Ensslin, "for their seminal contributions to condensed matter nano-science."

Richard Zeltner elected as Chair of the EPS Young Minds Action Committee

Traditionally, the Young Minds programme chair is elected by the action committee during the annual leadership meeting. As the Corona-pandemic prevented a physical meeting in 2020 so far, the voting was instead held online early in May.

The State of Physics Teaching in Europe

It is well known that a shortage of specialist physics teachers exists in many countries around the world. Of particular interest to the EPS is the situation in Europe, but actually it is not easy to find out exactly what is happening in individual countries.

My models are all the women with whom I work and have worked

Giuliana Galati is a 30-year old physicist. After graduating in Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics from Bari University Aldo Moro (Italy), she completed her PhD at Naples University Federico II.

First Results of the Event Horizon Telescope

This article is a publication of the AAPPS Bulletin.

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration has revealed the first-ever images of a black hole shadow at the heart of a giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87).

Scientists discover new forms of feldspars

DESY - High-pressure experiments reveal unknown variants of a common mineral.

OSPP final report

This final report of the EU Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) provides a brief overview of its four-year mandate from 2016 to 2020.

«Physics for Health» workshop

The 2nd ‘hands-on’ workshop of the EPS Technology and Innovation Group will be held on 6-8 November 2020 at ‘IdeaSquare’-CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.

EDP Sciences

EDP Sciences has been publishing pioneering science since 1920.

Events and important dates

Some conferences may be postponed or cancelled. Check the websites for the latest updates.

Localisation 2020
Localisation 2020 is dedicated to Philip W. Anderson.

Winter school on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles 2021

EPN 51-3 is out

View the EPS magazine in its flipbook version here.

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