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2021 EPS-PPD PhD Research Awards

The 2021 EPS-PPD PhD Research Awards are attributed to Audrey Chatain (Université Paris-Saclay, FR), Alexandra Dudkovskaia (University of York, UK), Mario Galletti (University of Lisbon, PT) and Andrea Pavone (Technical University of Berlin, DE).

„Science to Go: extending to the outreach project“ 2019 - 2020

The European Physical Society supported this project proposed and managed by the Czech Physical Society.

General Meeting of the European Physical Society

The EPS will organise its General Meeting on Tuesday 31 August 2021, during the 11th Balkan Physical Union General Conference.


The annual conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society will take place on 16 April. For the second time in row, it is an online event due to the pandemic.

News from the EPS Young Minds

Full activity despite the pandemic in the YM section of Valladolid.

Evaluating the effects of the shift to on-line teaching

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 and the ensuing lockdowns in early 2020 forced universities to move rapidly to distance teaching in order to minimize the spread of the disease.

News from the EPS Condensed Matter Division

Section news and new dates for the next CMD29 general conference.

Traditional Joint Annual Meeting of two physical societies 2021

The Austrian and Swiss physical societies have a well-established tradition in organising their annual conference every second year jointly.

News from the Institute of Physics

Nominations are now open for the Isaac Newton Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics.

Looking Glass, first series of the IOP’s podcast, is available online.

2021 UNESCO Prize for Girls' and Women's Education

This prize honours outstanding and innovative contributions made by individuals, institutions and organisations to advance girls’ and women’s education. The 2021 call for nominations is open until 26 May 2021.

IceCube detection of a high-energy particle proves 60-year-old theory

On December 6, 2016, a high-energy particle called an electron antineutrino hurtled to Earth from outer space at close to the speed of light carrying 6.3 petaelectronvolts (PeV) of energy.

Researchers hope to reveal secrets of history of Universe in Baikalia

Creation of a pilot complex of the TAIGA gamma-observatory completed at the astrophysical testing site of Irkutsk State University. It is one of the largest and the most sensitive tools for solving the tasks of high-energy astrophysics.

Events and important dates

CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2021
Online event from 21-25 June 2021. Deadline for Submissions 17 April 2021.

47th EPS Plasma Physics conference
Online event from 21-25 June 2021.

Second EPS Conference on Gravitation: measuring gravity
Online event from 5-7 July 2021.

EPS Activities
View the activities of the EPS Executive Committee and the EPS Staff in 2021.


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