2019/2020: 1 JUNE 2019 TO 31 MAY 2020

Internal Audit Technician (IAT) and Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) training programs managed by the Leadership Academy for Guardians of Governance.

The Leadership Academy for Guardians of Governance (Academy) is a subsidiary of the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa (IIASA). Since December 2015 has successfully managed and facilitated the presentation of the Internal Audit Technician (IAT) and General Internal Auditor (GIA) Professional Training Programs (PTP). On successful completion of the two programmes, the learners are awarded the IAT & PIA qualifications and designations, respectively, by the IIA SA.

The Board of Directors, Academy, hereby invites applications for presenters of these modules and the development of the formative re-assessment tools for modules to be awarded, for the financial year ending May 2020.

All applicants will be screened, evaluated and approved on the following basis:
All Presenters so appointed:
Must meet the minimum requirements as set out in this document.
Must be accredited by FASSET as an assessor in terms of unit standard no: 115753
Must be subject matter experts and have in-depth working experience in internal audit or the relevant discipline.
Must be an active PIA AND CIA or equivalent and relevant professional qualification(s) related to specific modules e.g. CISA (for ICT modules) or CFE (for Fraud Risk modules). This includes IIA SA or related professional body membership and up to date with CPD requirements.
Should have a proven track record in presentation skills and should be able to assess learners on completion of each module. In the event that the applicant does not have previous facilitation experience with these programs, an evaluation of their presentation and technical skills will be conducted by the Academy. Successful applicants will be allocated training modules upon compliance with all the minimum criteria.
Paid up membership of the IIA SA is compulsory except for non-internal audit subject matter applicants, who must be members of their respective professional bodies.
Evidence & references to the above requirements must be attached.
  1. Preparation of training material

The IAT training program is directed at entry level. Enrolment is essentially open-ended, with the majority of candidates being in possession of a tertiary qualification. The candidates will typically be at the commencement stage of their Internal Audit (IA) careers, but experience levels could vary. The material for the programs has been developed by the IIA SA. Presenters are required to prepare additional assessment tools (questions and memoranda) depending on the assessment methodology they prefer. This is for purposes of creating additional libraries of assessment tools per modular assessment.
  2. Participants

The number of participants in a training module group will usually be a minimum of 20 (twenty) and limited to a maximum of 25 (twenty five). Only in exceptional circumstances will numbers above this be entertained.
  3. Venue - effect on travel and accommodation

The location of the venue will depend on the participating employer(s) and presenters will be re-imbursed for their actual travelling expenses upon presentation of valid supporting documentation in line with the presenter travelling policy of the Academy. Approval for the travelling and accommodation expenses must be sought from the manager responsible for the learnerships before expenses are incurred.

Please note that presenters may claim travelling and accommodation expenses in line with the Presenter travelling policy only.

Presenters travelling from their residence to another province must arrive at the venue destination the night before and make arrangements to leave only after the full presentation activities have occurred on the final day. Presenters arriving late on the first day or leaving early on the final day will incur penalties on their daily fees.

  5. Dates

The dates for the various programs have been drafted and will be finalised upon final consultation with the presenters awarded the modules. Our training modules commence in January and conclude in December of each year.

Additional modules based on new programmes that begin during the course of the year will be allocated to the approved presenters based on your current application, our evaluation of your capacity and your availability.

  6. Training Material

Copyrights of the training material vests with the IIA SA and must not be used for any other purpose other than for the modules awarded to the presenter unless prior authority have been sought from and granted by the IIA SA.

  7. The proposal should indicate

Name of module (s) that the presenter(s) is competent to present- please refer to the attached Training Module Outcomes documents.
Details and experience of each presenter to be used, per attached template.
Contingency plan for an approved alternate presenter, in the event of inability to meet presentation obligation.

  8. New qualifications

We also envisage the introduction of the new Internal Auditor and Internal Audit Manager qualifications during the course of 2019/20. Allocations of modules in respect of those new qualifications will be based on your areas of expertise as per your application as well as your availability.

  The material for programmes is reviewed on continuous basis and the latest information should be used for training purposes. Should the material be outdated at the time of the presentation, the presenter must utilise own latest material and inform the head: Learnerships of the changes.
  1. It is the responsibility of the Presenter to prepare for the presentation and update where necessary, the provided training materials. Reproduction of course material for the training modules will be handled by the Academy. The presenter must ensure that they have received all preparatory material from the Academy at least ten days before the commencement of a module they have been allocated.
  2. Marketing of the Training program is the responsibility of the Academy.
  3. If the applicant is not registered as a VAT vendor, this must be disclosed.
  4. There will be no variation to the presentation fee referred to, relating to number of attendees.
  5. The presenter is required to test transference of knowledge, through conventional testing, case study or group work, prescribing an assignment, and evaluation of participation and contribution to discussions. Marks awarded must be communicated to the Academy within three weeks after the conclusion of the module, which in turn will advise the employer and relevant SETA (where applicable).
  6. Presenters are to ensure that there is a marking memorandum available for tests and/or assignments in the event of any queries. Short written feedback must be provided by the presenter to all the learners that are found to be competent and those that are not yet competent for a particular module.
  7. Note that there are certain formalities that have to be complied with at each module ensuring the completion of the daily Attendance Register, the completion of the TM Evaluation responses by participants on the final presentation day, and where required, presenters must also check and sign progress recorded in the learners Training Logbooks.
  8. The completed Attendance Register must be faxed to the Learnerships administrator not later than the day after the module has been completed. All other documentation such as the evaluation forms, tests, assignments, scripts etc. must also be forwarded to the Academy within 30 days after the presentation of the module. Processing of presenter travel and accommodation expenses invoices will be done immediately upon receipt of supporting documentation by the Academy. The presentation fee may be paid only upon receipt of the final results of the assessment for a particular module.
  1. Note that the amount that the Academy charges the participating employer is a fixed amount for the duration of the 24 month program, and that the Training programs operate on very tight margins. The Academy has developed the training material and is also responsible for part of the travelling and accommodation costs for the facilitators.
  2. In order to create fairness and also opportunities to a wider range of presenters, the Academy has developed various criteria to assist in grading the presenters and also determine the fees for each category. The following criteria has been used:
Trainer Levels Professional Designation
Internal Audit /Relevant Experience (Min. no. of years) Experience in Training (Min. no. of years)
Level 1 Candidate Trainer Required 3 years Not required (Shadowing the Trainer)
Level 2
Required 5 years 2 to 4 years
Level 3
Senior Trainer
Required 10 years 5 to 9 years
Level 4
Expert Trainer
Required 15 years 10 years +
    Additional Criteria

- Level 3 & 4 - at least 5 years of the required years of experience must be at a Senior Level (Level 3).

- At least 40% of training experience must be at Level 4 for Senior Trainer and at least 50% at Level 4 for Expert Trainer.
    Trainer Fees:
Level Fee (Per Day) Assessment Fee (Per Module)
Level 1 - Junior Trainer R 4 950 R 3 300
Level 2 - Trainer R 7 430 R 3 300
Level 3 - Senior Trainer R 9 900 R 3 300
Level 4 - Expert Trainer R 12 380 R 3 300
  In agreeing to present our courses you are, to all intents and purposes, representing the Academy for the duration of this agreement. It is therefore important that you do not conduct yourself, whether by way of commission or omission in a manner which, in the opinion of the Academy, is discreditable, dishonourable, dishonest, irregular or unworthy or which is derogatory to the Academy, or tends to bring the Academy into disrepute. If such an instance should arise, the Academy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel the agreement forthwith and/or take whatever action it deems necessary, including but not limited to, the replacement of you as Trainer of said courses.

Should any Trainer be directly approached to offer a course that is part of the Academy Professional Training Program, due consideration should be given to the impact on the Academy of direct competition, and any possible conflict of interest involved. Preferably the applicant should be referred to the Academy to arrange the programme without prejudice to any party.
  1. All applicants must submit a CV, and provide references. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the application.
  2. In the event of any module having to be postponed, the presenter will be consulted to arrange an alternative date, and the fee for that module will not be payable until the module is presented and conditions as enumerated in C above, are complied with. The Academy is not liable for any of the incidental costs incurred, until delivery has been effected.
  3. Please complete the attached supplier account form and provide the necessary supporting documents as well, if your company is not yet registered as a supplier with the Academy. If registered as a supplier, please provide us with your Tax Clearance certificate.
  4. Applications should be addressed to The Chairman - Occupational Qualifications Committee, Leadership Academy for Guardians of Governance and either be mailed to Private Bag x1001, Dowerglen, 1612, hand delivered in a sealed envelope to the Academy's offices, or e-mailed to: . The closing date for the proposals is 17 May 2019.

No late applications will be accepted.
Yours faithfully

Lemmy Kave
Head: Learnerships

Presenter Details form
Training Modules- curriculum and outcomes for IAT and PIA Training programs
Supplier account form and related documentation.

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