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Welcome to the Broadcaster!

Exciting changes are coming within GWIS. Our e-Newsletter has been revamped and will now be issued each month as the SDE Broadcaster. The Broadcaster will cover timely GWIS national, chapter and member news, trending topics with forum discussions at the GWIS website, and women in science news. Members past and present will receive the Broadcaster as we want to stay connected to you! Links to content on our website, however, will require a membership. Please reconnect with us and take advantage of the on-line networking opportunities GWIS will be offering! 

Meanwhile, the GWIS Bulletin is going digital! To reduce paper waste, we will be issuing the Bulletin tri-annually by email to our members.  The Bulletin will continue its regular coverage of the National Meeting, Grand Chapter business, chapter activities, officer elections, fellowship winners and in-depth articles on GWIS members and GWIS history, plus look for new content on science careers and high-achieving women in science . Our fall issue will be coming soon! If you would like to volunteer to be part of  the Media Committee to help generate content for these two publications, contact editors Jane Sharer Maier (Broadcaster) or Rozzy Finn (Bulletin).

New National Council Elected

The 2015-2016 National Council is complete with the election of officers at the June 18th National Council Meeting. Pictured front row Board of Directors members Dr. Anne Pumfery (Kappa), Dr. Jennifer Ingram (Rho Tau), Dr. Tina Hill (Beta), BOD Chair Dr. Robin Worthington Woo (Omicron). Back row Vice President Dr. Michelle Booze (Sigma Delta), BOD member Dr. Melissa Mullen Davis (Omega), President-Elect Stacey Kigar (Beta), Corresponding and Recording Secretary Dr. Becky McCane (Beta Chi), Treasurer Judith Artley (Alpha Omega), President Dr. Laura Havens (Beta), and Bulletin Editor Dr. Rozzy Finn (Sigma Delta). Not pictured - Membership Secretary Dr. Laura Arneson (Xi).

Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee of Graduate Women in Science invites all members to participate in nominating candidates for elected offices. This may be done individually or collectively through the chapter in which you hold membership. Do not overlook nominating yourself. The Nominating Committee is interested in receiving the names of everyone who is interested in serving in a national office. A Nomination form outline follows this Call for Nominations. Please share this form with other members you know. The list of candidates, along with brief biographies and photos, will be included in the Bulletin and in the Spring e-newsletter. To be included on the ballot, completed nomination forms must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than 5:00 pm on January 15, 2016.

Nominees are needed for the following National Offices:
President-Elect; Serves one year, automatically advances to President
Vice-President; Serves one year, advances by election to President-Elect
Member of the Board of Directors; Serves a 5 year term with fifth year as Chair, usually a past National GWIS Officer
Omega Chapter Committee Member; Serves a three year term with third year as Chair
Nominating Committee Member; Serves a three year term with third year as Chair
Treasurer; Serves a two year term
Corresponding and Recording Secretary; Serves a two year term

Nominees must be in good standing with dues paid, and must subscribe to the objectives of the GWIS. Thank you for helping to create a stronger national organization of Graduate Women in Science.

Ponnusamy Receives 100 Inspiring Women in STEM Award

Omega member Logeswari Ponnusamy, DVM.,MVSc, a graduate student at the Institute of Environmental & Human Health, Texas Tech University received the 100 Inspiring Women in STEM award presented by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Logeswari grew up in an Indian farming community and was fascinated at an early age by the use of herbal remedies by traditional healers in her community. This interest eventually led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and a master’s degree in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.  She moved to the U.S. to pursue her doctoral degree in Molecular Toxicology beginning in 2013. Along the way she has been active instructing, mentoring and volunteering on a regular basis. She is particularly proud of her involvement in the recent “Science, It’s a Girl Thing” Toxicology-themed summer camp offered at Texas Tech, which focused on introducing diverse underrepresented K-12 girl students to collegiate experience. "Serving as a role model to instill confidence and as a mentor to help them to navigate the transitioning into advanced STEM education is very meaningful and satisfying," she says. Logeswari described her outreach work as a part of SDE's Million Women Mentors initiative. She also serves as an associate council member for the American Association for Cancer Research, the membership committee of Women Graduates USA and the global outreach and advisory board for the online Global Education Conference Network that advocates for boundary-free education.

When she completes her degree, Logeswari hopes to continue as a Molecular Toxicologist with specialization towards cancer epigenetics. She will also continue to engage in organizations that strive for science education and extension "in order to increase the visibility of underrepresented women in higher-education, and [engage in] mentoring and lobbying for scientific literacy and women empowerment."

Conference Submissions Requested

Does your research intersect with important policy issues affecting women and girls? If so, please consider submitting an abstract to Christopher Newport University's upcoming interdisciplinary Conference on the Global Status of Women and Girls (March 2016). The university is especially looking to increase representation by scholars in STEM! Abstracts are due November 1st. Please see the conference site for more details.

More Women Pursue Science in Economic Downturn

Researchers found that recessions induce women to enter  fields that require more difficult, math-intensive majors. The incentive of a bigger paycheck might be a cue on how to encourage STEM careers in good economic times too.

NASA's Women on the New Horizon

Four of the ten top researchers on the New Horizons mission to Pluto were women. NASA has made great progress in workforce diversification to include more women and minorities. 
US News & World Report

Computer Science Continues to Provide Big Opportunities

Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani, describes potential for women in technology and engineering, where no gender pay gap currently exists. Only three percent of future tech jobs are currently expected to be filled by women. 
Chicago Tribune

Sharing the Journey

Misadventures and victories of life in the sciences; new Benchwarmers Podcast is welcome respite for anyone who has endured graduate school.

Coming up in the Bulletin

  • Coverage of the 2015 National Meeting held in June at Penn State
  • Selections from the autobiography of Dr. Frances Kelsey, the FDA scientist who saved countless American babies from the debilitating effects of thalidomide. 
  • An interview with Medal of Freedom winner Dr. Mildred Dresselhaus, the "queen of carbon science" and nominee of a GWIS honorary membership. 
  • "Epically Awesome Women in Science" featuring Ada Lovelace, for whom we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday October 15, 2015, an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
  • "[Not So] Alternative Careers in Science" featuring Dr. Robin Woo, highlighting her career with the FDA. 
  • And much more!

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