Introduction to Jainism

Jainism: The Basics

These sites offer quick summaries on Jainism and the basic principles.

Jain Super sites

These are sites with a large number of articles and books compiled using extensive efforts.

Jain Calendar

Jain Calendar is complex. The following link offers a great guide to Jain calendar and festivals.

Jainism for Children

The following web sites for children are fun and exciting: – Jain Alphabet  – Jain Stories   – Variety of Jain teaching material  – Guide to teaching Jain School/Pathshala  – Jain Stories

Jain Literature

There are numerous books on Jainism. Some are available here for free download:


Texts: Some excellent sources for scholarly books and articles are here:  (original texts)

Jain Pilgrimages

The following links guide you to hundreds of Jain temples and pilgrimages (Tirthsthans).  – Along with excellent information about several temples, this web site offers biographical information about Jain priests, and a matrimonial database.


Jain Prayers/Audio

Jain Prayers

The following web sites have many of the Jain mantras, sutras, and prayers. These prayers are in Hindi with English translation. The meanings of these sacred prayers are also given.     



www.jainpujŠ.com  – Excellent site for online streaming pujŠ with temple graphics  – Bhaktamar Sutra  – Aarti and Mangal Dipa  – Atma Siddhi  – A collection of mantras

Audio: Jain Sutras and Lectures

These web sites provide hundreds of lectures and sutras in audio format.

On-Line  Groups - Publications

Jain Magazines

The following web sites are links to the popular magazines and back issues.


Jain Discussions

If you are interested in discussing Jainism, the following web sites are for you. Many engaging and interesting discussions, all about Jainism, happen here.


Would you like to be more involved in Jainism? Along with visiting your local Jain Centers, you can also join the various Jain organizations in your area.

Federation of Jain Associations in North America

JAINA is the main Jain organization in North America with over 60 Jain centers and 30 subcommittees.  JAINAŐs vision is to  Live and Share a Jain Way of Life.



Young Jain Professionals

The Young Jain Professionals is a group of people who focus on increasing the awareness and understanding of Jainism amongst the Jain working professionals in North America.


Young Jains of America

This organization is for Young Jains. They hold a convention once every two years.   


Young Jains of Singapore


Young Jains UK


Jains in Australia


Other Resources:

Intermediate & Special Interest Sites

Books: You can search university libraries, web-based booksellers and some lists: of Printed Jain Books in English.htm  (


Rituals and Symbols: Ritual descriptions and symbolism can be found here:




Images: You can find free clip-art at

Many beautiful images can be seen at




Jain Names: There is even a list of Jain baby names:









Jainism: Jain Principles, Traditions, Practices

This Jain web site has an easy-to-use links section which contains links to several articles and other Jain resources.


Harvard Pluralism Project

One of the most comprehensive resources on world religion including Jainism.


Jain Study Circle

A magazine containing articles, stories, and poems on Jainism and related subjects.



Jainworld is an excellent web site that provides educational information, literature, recipes and a lot more.


Jain Center of Greater Boston

A refreshed web site with links to many resources.



Jain Society of Northern California

A user-friendly web site that provides visitors with several resources.


Essence of Jainism

This web site has a variety of topics covered in terms of Jainism. This web site also offers educational information based on knowledge level.



Has information about  Shrimad Rajchandraji and the Atma-Siddhi.



Excellent site to visit for an introduction to Jainism, lyrics, recipes, and ecards.




The following web sites focus on vegetarianism. Note that not all vegetarian recipes are suitable for Jains who have taken higher Vrats (vows).


Vegetarianism & Ahimsa: There are many excellent sites like


Veggies Unite

Veggies Unite provides information on vegetarianism and includes vegetarian recipes, a discussion board, and many articles may provide valuable information.


Vegetarianism in a Nutshell

Offers details about being a vegetarian, as well as specifics regarding vitamins and simple food substitutions.



Promotes people choosing the vegan food habits, and provides vegans with information about what to eat for meals.


Vegan Essentials

Focuses on vegan products ranging from food, clothing, and vitamins.


Go Veg

This is a PETA site that provides information about health, activist kits and information on animal rights.



The following web sites focus on vegetarianism and delicious vegetarian recipes. Note that not all vegetarian recipes are suitable for Jains who have taken higher Vrats (vows).


Animal Cruelty and Ahimsa

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA is one of the leaders in promoting animal rights.  Extensive information is available on this topic.

The American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The ASPCA is another organization that urges the prevention of cruelty to animals. This site offers information about adopting animals as well as pet nutrition and national shelter outreaches.


Ahimsa of Texas

Ahimsa of Texas is an organization promoting kindness to all life, with the primary focus on eliminating the euthanasia of healthy animals in our community shelters and animal pounds.


Ahimsa: The Real Right to Live Movement

This Ahimsa site offers religious perspectives from various other groups.


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