B3: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 11:30 am 12:00 pm C French River Room

Dakota County Website Property Resources

Randy Knippel, Kent Tupper
Dakota County Survey and Land Information Department
14955 Galaxie Avenue Suite 255
Apple Valley, MN  55124

Dakota County has provided Internet access to property information for over four years. Recently, we have added access to additional information to aid developers, land surveyors, title research agents, and realtors. This information includes scanned copies of recorded plats and surveys and access to Public Land Survey monument and control point documentation.

This new focus includes both enhancements to existing software and new software. Scanned plats are available in the existing Internet Real Estate Inquiry for a selected parcel. All plats are also available through an easy-to-use alphabetic index. Public Land Survey corner and control point documentation is available through an interactive map interface. All benchmark and section subdivision documentation has also been added to the County website.

All of this information is provided free of charge and has decreased the need for people to visit the Survey and Land Information Office in person. This increases the efficiency of County staff as well as the people who require frequent access to this information and demonstrates the commitment of Dakota County to maximizing its use of the Internet in its mission to provide efficient, effective, and responsive government to its residents.