C3: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 11:30 am 12:00 pm C Lake Superior Ballroom L

A New Public Land Survey GIS Layer for the State Is Complete So, What Is It Good For?

Jill Bornes
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Lands and Minerals Division
500 Lafayette Road
PO Box 45
St. Paul, MN  55155

Once upon a time, in the fall of 1993, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources began the Control Point Generated Public Land Survey (PLS) GIS Layer Project. It was a good and fine project, using information from original Government Land Office survey notes and plat drawings and the best section corner control points available anywhere in the kingdom. It was built township by township, and woven together into county-wide Arc/INFO coverages. Now people can use the PLS layers (commonly referred to as PLS40) to map information to the forty acre parcel or government lot throughout all the land of sky blue waters.

This presentation will cover topics such as:
What exactly is this 'PLS40 thing' anyway?: A Tale of Points, Lines and Polygons
Briefly, how was it created?: Hi Ho, Hi Ho...
How is it being used at the DNR?: Maps, Apps and an Eye of Newt
How should it be used?: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
What are the limitations of the data?: If There Be Dragons Oh, There Are
How does one get a hold of this data?: Across the Moon and Two Clicks Away
What are the future plans for maintenance and updates?: The Never End