D2: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 11:00 11:30 am C Lake Superior Ballroom MN

Regional-Scale Forest Growth Modeling Using GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies

Ryan W. Kirk, Thomas E. Burk
University of Minnesota
Department of Forest Resources
115 Green Hall
1530 Cleveland Avenue North
St. Paul, MN  55108

In recent years academic and forest management professionals have shown increased interest in using process-based models to predict forest growth over large land areas. Several established regional-scale models have incorporated remote sensing and GIS technologies to produce growth predictions in forested systems around the world. From a user perspective, a major challenge to regional-scale modeling is the complexity of implementing modeling studies. This research focuses on the incorporation of standard information system and GIS concepts into the modeling framework. As a sample implementation, the PnET-II and 3-PG models are run within a GIS for the Arrowhead region of northeastern Minnesota and compared against growth estimates from the 1977 and 1990 Minnesota Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) databases.