E3: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 11:30 am C Lake Superior Ballroom O

Desktop GIS Mapping of SF-1 Data

Wes Flack
U.S. Census Bureau
Kansas City Regional Census Center
10015 North Executive Hills Boulevard
Kansas City, MO  64153

In order to create custom thematic maps with Census data, you have to understand the tabular data and how it can be linked with TIGER. This presentation will guide you through the process. We'll start by showing you where to get the data, and some of the formats and media that are available for free and for fee. We'll then discuss some key aspects of SF-1 metadata. We'll discuss how to query the tabular data using geographic summary levels, how to create geo-IDs based on Census geography, and how to join the tables to TIGER in a Desktop GIS. In the end, we'll have a couple of custom thematic maps showing local demographic information.