G2: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 2:00 – 2:30 pm C French River Room

Geospatial Engineering in Minneapolis

Sherry Coatney
1904 Traymore Road
Minnetonka, MN  55305

Don Elwood
City of Minneapolis Public Works Department
309 2nd Ave S Rm 300
Minneapolis, MN  55401-2268

The City of Minneapolis Public Works Department is designing and deploying a concurrent engineering environment for the delivery of capital projects. The concurrent engineering system is being implemented using a project design that incorporates the requirements of the Public Works processes, while using data from, and providing data to, an enterprise database model that supports the GIS applications within the entire City of Minneapolis. Traditionally, GIS and Civil Engineering tools have been used to provide point solutions for many of these infrastructure management workflows. Enterprise-oriented solutions can now be deployed to provide geospatial and engineering technology for all of the infrastructure management-related workflows. With such an approach, information created by one department or group can be easily reviewed and used in collaborative “downstream” departments. Technologies such as industry standard databases, concurrent engineering, long-term transactions, information integration, document management, and web interfaces are being used within the City of Minneapolis in order to make these enterprise solutions a reality. In this presentation, the keys to the success of this project will be discussed, including vendor cooperation, incremental deployment of workflow solutions, and an integrated approach to all phases of high-visibility projects.