K1: Oral Presentation C Thursday, 3:30 4:00 pm C Gooseberry Falls Room

Addition of Elevation in Automatic Geo-Referencing Software

David Fuhr
Airborne Data System, Inc.
25338 290th Street
Wabasso, MN  56293

Airborne Data Systems has developed a software package that takes advantage of already existing elevation information, and applies it to a raw multi-spectral digital image that has ground position information available. The value of this option is it corrects the pixel size so when the image is imported into a software program that does mosaicing or ortho-correction the auto-correlation portion of the software can make a better match. There is a three-step process in this.

1.    Band register data at level one, this will give a pixel registration to under 1 pixel 95% of the time.

2.    Auto band registration, this will correct the alignment of each pixel to with in the sub-pixel range 99% of the time. This corrects for optical anomalies

3.    Addition of elevation to the image will correct the size of the processed pixel to make edge matching much more reliable. This only works with very accurate geo-referencing form the IMU.