R3: Oral Presentation C Friday, 9:30 10:00 am C Lake Superior Ballroom L

Combining GIS and GPS Capability with Satellite Imagery for In-Field Forestry Applications

Rick Kerns, Thomas E. Burk, Marvin Bauer
University of Minnesota
Department of Forest Resources
Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory
115 Green Hall
1530 Cleveland Avenue North
St. Paul, MN  55108

Field forestry professionals have a continuing need for spatial data products to assist them in tactical planning and operational implementation of their numerous assessment and monitoring tasks. Field data recorders have long been used in forestry fieldwork. In most instances their application has focused on improved collection of attribute data for subsequent integration into an office-based information or decision support system. As the capabilities of portable, hand held computers improve in terms of storage, processing speed, and screen space/resolution it is perhaps time to consider extending the application of such devices. This presentation reports on research from a NASA-sponsored project investigating the possibilities of carrying satellite imagery products into the field with a hand-held computer equipped with GIS and GPS. We discuss use of off-the-shelf technology for this purpose highlighting our field research on applications such as regeneration surveys and corner location/line running. Results from the use of high-resolution satellite imagery, specifically IKONOS imagery, in such applications will be presented.