T2: Oral Presentation C Friday, 9:00 9:30 am C Lake Superior Ballroom O

Advanced Snowplow Routing Analysis

Linda Tomaselli, GISRDC
6300 Barrie Road #2B
Edina, MN  55435

A comprehensive analysis of snowplow routing requires more than simply using the ArcInfo tools, Route and Allocate. The Network Analyst tools are also very limited. This presentation will show how to deal with the complexities of snowplow routing, including different priorities for paved versus gravel roads, deadheading, and the use of trucks as well as graders. The analysis provides the ability to answer questions such as: 

  1. How long will it be until my road gets plowed in at least one direction, so I can get out to go to work?

  2. Which roads will be plowed in the first half hour, in the first hour, etc.?

  3. How many homes or residences will be plowed out in the first half hour, in the first hour, etc.?

  4.  What if we replace a grader with a truck?

  5. What if one of our townships decides to do it's own plowing?

A critical analysis of the software tools available for snowplow routing will also be presented, including ArcView Network Analyst, PC ArcInfo 3.5.2 and PC ArcInfo 4.0.