T3: Oral Presentation C Friday, 9:30 10:00 am C Lake Superior Ballroom O

3D Modeling

Josh Stevenson
Rodeberg & Berryman, Inc.
119 South 1st Street
PO Box 50
Montevideo, MN  56265

This presentation gives an introduction to 3D Modeling methods for spatial problems in rural Minnesota cities. Shows how adding the Z coordinate to your data will open doors for a wide range of analysis. Discussion includes the various types of 3D Modeling, examples of problems were 3D Modeling provides solutions, and types of software used for analysis. Examples of problems include cut/fill estimates for street construction, landfill volume estimates, and storm/sanitary sewer isolation during 2001 flood. Software used includes ArcView 3.2a and AutoCAD Land Development 2i. This presentations shows the side of 3D Modeling that is not exciting to look at but extremely functional in a wide variety of spatial problems.