V1: Oral Presentation C Friday, 10:30 – 11:00 am C French River Room

Comprehensive Planning Using GIS

Tim Penfield
MSA Professional Services
1230 South Boulevard
Baraboo, WI  53544

The purpose of this presentation is to provide local units of government with concepts of using a GIS as a tool for Comprehensive Land Use Planning. Development of a Plan consists of generating map data for the LGU to use in planning exercises. These exercises result in the establishment of goals and objectives based upon GIS data such as: land uses, zoning districts, water resources, watersheds, topography, soils, traffic studies and many others. 

The presenters will outline workflows and standards they have used for the GIS component of the Plan. This includes data acquisition, data processing and data output. The utilization of a GIS enables the Plan to be a more comprehensive and accurate product. It also creates the opportunity to model “what if” scenarios through modeling and analysis. Lastly, the presenters will demonstrate the use of a developed planning access application that provides planning members with daily access to Plan components.