X1: Oral Presentation C Friday, 10:30 – 11:00 am C Lake Superior Ballroom MN

Carver County Odor From Feedlots Setback Estimation Tool

Greg Aamodt, Peter Henschel
Carver County
Government Center Administration Building
600 East 4th Street
Chaska, MN  55318

Carver County Environmental Services has administered state delegated feedlot program since the early 1980’s. As a result, the County has a Feedlot Ordinance in place in an attempt to manage the program in a consistent manner. Staff from Environmental Services routinely utilizes ArcView to more effectively analyze setbacks and other issues such as odor. Staff from the University of Minnesota Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering developed an Odor From Feedlots Setback Estimation Tool (OFFSET) to estimate the frequency of annoying odors at various distances from an animal production site. With Carver County’s present and ever growing landuse and population density, a tool of this nature seemed valuable except that it was not directly linked to the Counties extensive GIS. With that in mind our GIS department was given the task of automating the process which was previously calculated on paper and transferred to a layout as a buffer. The GIS department brought the OFFSET model to life in a GIS environment using ArcView. An ArcView project was created and avenue programming was used to create menus, buttons, and dialogs that would ease the complexity of creating the model on paper. A GIS gives the Environmental Staff a spatial representation of the annoyance odor buffers created from the model on top of other GIS layers (Aerial Photos, Homes, Roads), which gives the Environmental Staff the tools to do analysis of the potential odor of a feedlot. The ArcView project is the first of its kind in using the OFFSET model and could be used by other counties throughout the state.