Project Demonstration C Thursday, 1:30 2:15 pm; Friday, 10:30 11:15 am C Split Rock Room 2

Dakota County Census CD Project Demonstration


Julie Daugherty, Scott Laursen
Dakota County Survey and Land Information Department
14955 Galaxie Avenue Suite 355
Apple Valley, MN  55124

The Dakota County Survey and Land Information Department has created a CD-ROM containing maps and tables that exhibit the 2000 Census data at various boundary levels within Dakota County, as well as other related information. This CD utilizes an easy to use web-based interface to a collection of maps, links, documents, and data. This collection includes both new information created by Dakota County, and existing information available on the Internet from a variety of sources including the Census Bureau.

The rational for creating the CD was to permit users at the County, in the cities of the County, and at the school districts to have easy access to census-related information by making it available from a single location. Internally, at the County, the entire contents of the CD are available on the County Intranet. The CD will continue to be revised and redistributed as more data becomes available and capture any maps, tables, and documentation that may be of general interest.

During the demonstration period, the CD will be available for conference attendees to inspect and explore. Department staff will be available to answer questions regarding the CD's contents and the process by which it was created.