Poster Presentation C Thursday, 5:00 6:00 pm C Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall

Comparing and Contrasting Remote Sensing Technologies for Resource Assessment Along a Riparian Corridor

Keith LeClaire, Mike Walker, Byron Williams, Teri Alberico
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Corps of Engineers Centre
190 East 5th Street
St. Paul, MN  55101

The St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers is assessing the potential environmental effects of increasing river stage along the Sheyenne River in North Dakota. The river stage would be increased during efforts to reduce the record high water elevation of Devils Lake. The following technologies were used to analyze impacts to riparian habitat: USGS 30 meter Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) imagery, IKONOS 4 meter multispectral imagery, and Landsat 30 meter multispectral imagery. 

This poster will compare and contrast new high-resolution technologies with more traditional data sources.