Poster Presentation C Thursday, 5:00 6:00 pm C Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall

Spatial Analysis of Hydraulic Infrastructure Data

Thomas Martin
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Bridges and Structures
3485 Hadley Avenue North
Oakdale, MN  55128-3307

Hydraulic Infrastructure (HYDINFRA) data has been collected on Mn/DOT's roadways since 1995. The purpose of HYDINFRA is to manage hydraulic infrastructure data for use in scooping plans, project planning, and disaster recovery. 

The HYDINFRA data consists of drainage and passage features smaller then the minimum of a bridge structure. HYDINFRA features make up, in collection, culverts, bike and trail underpasses as well as cattle passes.

All of Mn/DOT's eight operational districts have collected data for management in HYDINFRA. The analysis of this project is to determine a consistent means to project the number of features yet inventoried and inspected by using the existing data.