MN GIS/LIS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Joesph E. Sizer (1993)

In his role as Director of Environmental Planning in the original Minnesota State Planning Agency, Mr. Sizer was the early State of Minnesota champion for the development of GIS databases. From the mid-1960ís through the late-1980ís, Mr. Sizer nurtured a long, productive relationship among the following groups: Minnesota Legislature, Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Resources Commission, Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources, State Planning Agency, Department of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, and others. These early efforts resulted in developing products such as the Lakeshore Development Study, Statewide Land Use and Land Ownership maps, EPPL, the Minnesota Land Management Information System (MLMIS), and LMIC.

Award Inscription: Determined and Unwavering Early Champion of GIS in Minnesota. For his continuing enthusiastic support, creative abilities to garner financial support, and his foresight in viewing GIS as an essential tool for public agencies in monitoring the condition and managing the use of the stateís natural environment.




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