MN GIS/LIS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


John R. Borchert (1993)

Dr. Borchert, Regentís Professor Emeritus in Geography, has had a wide impact on the development and use of GIS at the state and national level. His vision of how geographic information can help make better resource management decisions was conceived well before commercial software was available or other states began making advances. He sold his vision to legislators, agency heads, and to his own students who did much of the development work. Many of his students went on to become skilled professionals advancing GIS in education, government, business and the GIS industry.

Award Inscription: Minnesota GIS Visionary, Trainer of GIS Leaders. For his role as a geographer, researcher and educator and for his extraordinary leadership and vision on the value of applying geographically-linked information bases and automated mapping to a broad range of public sector uses long before the term GIS was coined.





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