MN GIS/LIS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

John C. Hoshal (2009)

For over 30 years John Hoshal has encouraged others to embrace the power of GIS. Whether in key roles in emergency preparedness or helping to resolve land and timber disputes between the U.S. Government and American Indians, his dedicated work has markedly advanced GIS in Minnesota and beyond. He is a master at utilizing the technology, developing creative new uses for GIS to address a wide range of issues from human services to the preservation of Minnesota's original land plat maps and surveyors' notes. What further distinguishes

John is not only his knowledge, talent and skill, but also his consummate professionalism, unflappability and the respect he shows to everyone with whom he has contact. As one colleague noted, "His quietness but strength of character has bridged many a chasm, leading to state and local partnerships that could have never otherwise come together." His commitment to excellence and many accomplishments are significant contributions to the field of GIS and to the quality of life of Minnesotans.

John's Lifetime Achievement Award plaque reads: "John C. Hoshal, Listening, Connecting, Resolving; Providing Innovative GIS Leadership and Solutions "

Lifetime 2009
2009 Lifetime Award recipient John Hoshal with past award winners (left to right): Jeff Grosso,
David Claypool, 2009 Consortium Chair Rebecca Foster, Don Yaeger, Will Craig, and
Charlie Parson


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