MN GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership Award Winner

Gerry Sjerven
Natural Resources Research Institute - University of Minnesota Duluth - 2012

An enormous amount of the GIS/LIS Consortium’s success in its first two decades can be attributed to the efforts of Gerry Sjerven. Virtually every picture, newsletter, E-announcement, or web page the Consortium produces is due to Gerry’s help and guidance. In addition to being conference chair, Gerry has actively participated on every board since 1998 either as a member or as the spearhead for all of our communication efforts. Gerry’s varied career experience helps him represent many perspectives since he has worked in the Twin Cities metro and Duluth areas, for state government and the academic sector, and with numerous local and rural users. He performs an amazing number of tasks and never asks for recognition. Without the work of his “invisible hand”, the Consortium would not be the communication and education engine it is today.

2012 Polaris Award recipient Gerry Sjerven with 2011 Polaris Award winner Mike Dolbow.

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