MN GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership Award Winner

Nancy K. Rader  
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGEO) - 2011

Nancy Rader’s contributions to the geospatial community can be described as a leader of all things communication.  She has been integral to the development of metadata and metadata standards, as a trainer and cheerleader, as a member of the FGDC Metadata Working Group and as chair of the state’s Metadata Workgroup.  She has been an active member of the Consortium’s Editorial Board for more than 13 years and is now the executive editor of MN GIS/LIS News.  Nancy is sought out as an expert on data issues and as an informed source of the current status of many important geospatial programs.  In her support role to the State’s former and current geospatial advisory councils, it is clear that in her quiet, Nancy way she provides guidance and leadership for these groups and their committees.  Nancy is the communications grease that makes so many of our collaboration efforts work.


Nancy Rader
2011 Polaris Award recipient Nancy Rader with 2010 Polaris Award winner Steve Benson.

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