MN GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership Award Winner

Nancy Read  
Metropolitan Mosquito Control District- 2009

Nancy Read, Technical Coordinator at the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, is all about leadership, partnerships, and turning shared vision into action. One of the reasons that Nancy is effective in bringing people together is that she is considerate, respectful, but most of all full of enthusiasm for what can be. Nancy’s enthusiasm is contagious. In her work at MMCD, the Governor’s Council on Geographic Information - Hydrography Committee and the MetroGIS Coordinating Committee she has stepped up to participate in and lead projects that help organizations work together and find common ground for building and using geospatial technology, for example instigating and leading development of the Regional Geocoder Service. These contributions and her tireless can-do attitude are clearly characteristics of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership Award.

Nancy Read
2009 Polaris Award recipient Nancy Read with nominator Mark Kotz.


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