The PBRN Network
The Minnesota PBRN is a collaborative among the Minnesota Pharmacists Association, University of Minnesota, and Pharmacist Practitioners, and has been designed to serve as a meeting point for sharing and generating new ideas that are relevant to the interface among the practice of pharmacy, health care, health systems, health technologies, communities, and society overall.

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PBRN Investigators
Terrence Adam
Medical informatics, database development and applications.
Rodney Carter
Impact of experiential education.
Richard Cline
Medicare Part D decision-making; women's decisions regarding OTC and Rx medication use; osteoporosis
Patrick Gleason
Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) industry.
Cynthia Gross
Complementary treatment to improve diabetes self-management.
Ronald Hadsall
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Policy.
Brian Isetts
Clinical and economic outcomes of medication therapy management.
Thomas Lackner
Interprofessional collaboration for medication management.
Kevin Peterson
Family Medicine / Community Health; Practice based research networks.
Mark Schneiderhan
Medication therapy management in mental health.
Jon Schommer
Program evaluation and patient health behaviors.
Stephen Schondelmeyer
Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy.
Randall Seifert
Pharmacy Services Management.
Todd Sorensen
Delivery of pharmacy services to rural and urban underserved populations.
Stuart Speedie
e-prescribing implications to pharmacists and other health care providers.
Wendy St. Peter
Pharmacotherapy of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).
Timothy Stratton
Healthcare contributions of pharmacists in rural and tribal communities.
Donald Uden
Pulmonary disease; interprofessional practice and education.
Sarah Westberg
Impact of medication therapy management on patient outcomes.
Marcia Worley
Pharmacist - patient professional relationships and behavioral aspects of medication use.
Therese Zink
Family Medicine / Community Health; Medication reconciliation in rural communities.

Guidance and Oversight Board
Jon Schommer
Ronald Hadsall
Tim J. Gallagher
Julie Johnson
Barb Smothers