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A Message from our President...

Andi DeFelice, ABR, Associate Broker, Exclusive Buyer's Realty, Savannah, GA

I recently had a client (young, military, West Point graduate) tell me that he almost didn't hire me because of my website.  It's old, tired and uninspiring.  Thankfully, I had already realized this and had engaged a new web designer.  My point is, are we, in our individual practices becoming old, tired and uninspired?  Have you taken a look at your own social media presence lately?  


As we all know, the consumer is using technology now more than ever with their home searches.  How can we, as an association, assist each other in making our presence known in the market place?  This is one of the many topics that board and staff constantly discuss. Please help us by giving us your suggestions.  We are a rare breed and need to ensure that the home buying consumer knows about us and the exceptional service we, as EBA's, provide.


We are pleased to announce the theme for our 2020 Educational Conference as we celebrate NAEBA's 25th Anniversary.   NAEBA will Kick Off our theme "Let's Tell Our Story" in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 20, 21 & 22, 2020.  We are excited to announce keynote speaker ILYCE GLINK, award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist, top blogger, television personality, radio talk show host and best-selling book author.  Her syndicated column, Real Estate Matters, appears in about 70 newspapers and on many more websites, including the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Detroit Free Press, and the Wilmington News Journal. Her column, written with her husband and real estate attorney Sam Tamkin, reaches more than 7 million readers per week.



Welcome New Members...
NAEBA is pleased to introduce our NEW Members in the Month of on their name and send each a personal welcome message!


Nichole Jones, Principle Real Estate Group P.C., Riverton, UT

Coy C. Vickers, Jr., Coy C. Vickers, Jr. Real Estate Services, Philadelphia, PA

Nathaniel C. Hughs, Nat Hughs Realty LLC, Fleming Island, FL

Howard Gold, In Counsel Real Estate LLC, Wellesley Hills, MA


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The Executive Director's Corner...

Linda M. Surovick, NAEBA Executive Director/NRSI Chairman

A Call for Nominations...


On behalf of our President, Andi DeFelice, I am pleased to announce our Annual Meeting for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents to be held during our conference at The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday, January 20, 2020.  


Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4, Andi DeFelice, our current President, will serve as the Chair of the Governance Committee.  NAEBA currently has openings in the following positions: Director of Government Relations and Director of Publicity and Marketing.  As outlined in our bylaws, a brief description of each position is below.  In an overview, each position carries the responsibility to attend a monthly Board conference call, attend the Annual Strategic Planning meeting (in late October each year) and take an active role in moving our organization forward.  Members may nominate themselves or a colleague. 


Director of Publicity and Marketing

Director of Government Relations


Directors shall serve for a term of two years, beginning each on January 1st, as determined by the Board of Directors. Terms shall be staggered so that two directors are elected in even-numbered years and two directors are elected in odd-numbered years.  Nominations will remain open until close of business on September 30, 2019. Please submit your nominations to me at  Upon receiving a nomination, I will reach out to each nominee to complete a brief questionnaire to allow our candidates to bring forth their best qualifications for the position they seek.


The final slate of nominations will be presented to the NAEBA Board to meet the deadline of October 15, 2019.  Candidates must be a NAEBA member in good standing in the United States and candidates with recent board experience are preferred. Our Association vote will take place electronically on December 15, 2019.


Take a minute to consider getting involved...we welcome all nominations.



Thursday, August 15, 2019 @ 1 pm (EST)

NAEBA Webinar Series: Cell Phone & RE Technology

Register Here

August will focus on helping NAEBA Members in the area of Cell Phone & RE Technology. Bring your smartphones and mobile devices to learn incredible tricks & tips to tremendously improve the way you use your phone. Learn new apps & review zipform, MLS & other essential apps needed in your business. Then we'll go over new emerging technologies that will be crucial to maintain a successful business.  We welcome back keynote speaker from our 2019 NAEBA Educational Conference, Jeffrey “Mr. Tech” Raskin. Recordings will be available to NAEBA members post live delivery.


New Blogs at

Do you have an idea for a topic for an  upcoming blog at

Share it with David: HERE





NAEBA congratulates the following members who CLOSED THE LEAD...

TWO Closings:

Jon Boyd

Barbara Delantoni

Frank Lessa

Alysse Musgrave

Renei Schmitz

Julie Tuggle

SINGLE Closing:

Malcolm Antell

Ian Bell

Jennifer Fabiano

Rich Harty

John Herman

Norm Hudson

Stephen Carpenter-Israel

Corey Kennington

Dawn Rae

Rich Rosa

Andrew Show

Karen Wiles

Ashley Wilson

Marion Zygadlo 

(closings reported June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019)


NRSI Update
An update from David Alvarez, Director of Marketing, NRSI


The month of June 2019 proved to be yet another productive month for the NAEBA Referral Service, Inc.  (NRSI).  NRSI matched 267 consumers nationally with buyer agents to initiate their property search.  Of the 267 prospective home buyers, 149 were matched with NAEBA agents, 110 were matched with Best-Non-NAEBA (BNN) agents, and 8 buyer agent requests went unplaced.    Revenue hit a milestone as the highest grossing month of revenue since the inception of NRSI with a 39.8% increase year-over-year!  Web visitor traffic was also up when compared to a year ago as saw 6,662 visitors in June of 2019 compared to 4,142 in June of 2018.  Additionally, the dream of home ownership was made a reality for 39 happy consumers as buyer agents guided them throughout the real estate transaction and closed on their properties.  


Lastly, we encourage NAEBA members with questions, or feedback regarding NRSI,  to please feel free and email us at or call us at (800) 986-2322. 


Member Benefits are on the move...

Here is the link to our member benefits page at


NAEBA Member Benefits are at the forefront of the strategic plan and we are looking for members to work with our Director of Membership, Victoria Henderson to identify and build value to NAEBA Members & Membership.  Interested in helping?  Contact Victoria and join her team. Email:









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