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A Message from our President...

Andi DeFelice, ABR, Associate Broker, Exclusive Buyer's Realty, Savannah, GA


Rich Harty and I had the privilege to represent NAEBA at the 54th Annual NAREE Convention.  The sessions were so informative, especially the one about Gen Z.  I’ve shared the article below, so we all can gain knowledge about the largest group of current and future home buyers. 

The economists that spoke all felt that interest rates will remain low through the next year.  Everyone spoke to the lack of inventory in most of the country and attribute this partly to the lack of “touch labor”, electricians and truck drivers to deliver building materials.

We were able to meet, one on one, with over 40 journalists and introduce or remind them of NAEBA.  We reinforced that NAEBA has members nationwide and should be their source for any pieces about home buyers or the home buying process.  I am confident that we will be hearing from many of them for upcoming articles.

Rich Harty and I had the pleasure of spending time with Ilyce Glink at the NAREE conference. Ilyce has mentioned NAEBA in her New York Times best seller, 100 Questions Every First-Time Homes Buyer Should Ask.


A New Generation of Homebuyers is Here: Meet Generation Z |


This was a presentation at the NAREE conference I'd like to share!.  Very interesting information for all of us to use in our marketing to the next generation of home buyers.

                                                                                                         - Andi DeFelice



The Executive Director's Corner...

Linda M. Surovick, NAEBA Executive Director/NRSI Chairman

Ready, Set, Search… now has the capability for quick and easy member to member search and will now serve members who want to seek and find a fellow NAEBA member for a member to member referral. All 124 of our NAEBA Designated Broker profile's have been built out for search at under "Member Directory".  You do need to log into the site to access this area.  We have a member search by state and cities served as well as member search by first or last name.

In the State and Cities served search, to capture all NAEBA Designated Brokers in any one given state, two independent searches are required.  Many of our members are licensed in two states so you'll need to do a search in the first field to capture all those members who reside and are licensed in that state and then you'll need to do second independent search in the State #2 field to capture all those members who have a second state license. Go try it out!  This new feature will replace the shout out on our Facebook Group page in a far more effective way and once you find a fellow member you can instantly send them a message too!



Wednesday, August 21, 2019 @ 1 pm (EST)

NAEBA Webinar Series: Cell Phone & RE Technology

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August will focus on helping NAEBA Members in the area of Cell Phone & RE Technology. Bring your smartphones and mobile devices to learn incredible tricks & tips to tremendously improve the way you use your phone. Learn new apps & review zipform, MLS & other essential apps needed in your business. Then we'll go over new emerging technologies that will be crucial to maintain a successful business.  We welcome back keynote speaker from our 2019 NAEBA Educational Conference, Jeffrey “Mr. Tech” Raskin. Recordings will be available to NAEBA members post live delivery.


Did you miss our live webinars in June? 

No Problem! Catch up on your time and listen & view the webinars from June:

NAEBA Webinar Series: How Your Team Can Help You Grow Your Business

NAEBA Webinar Series: Hiring Your First Employee: 10 Things YOU MUST DO


Blogs Are Back...

As we work with our Agency Partner, RESOUND Creative, NAEBA is delivering new blogs (weekly) at - check them out!





ACTION NEEDED: Getting ready to Launch our new CRM at

A message to NAEBA Designated we get ready to launch the new CRM behind we are moving away from the voice notification auto-calls to notify you of a consumer lead and will now be able to email and text message you in REAL TIME.  Please double check with us so we can confirm your cell phone number. Email your name and cell number to: 


NAEBA congratulates the following members who CLOSED THE LEAD...

THREE Closings:
Rich Harty
TWO Closings:

Eve Alexander

Ian Bell

James Bradford

Alysse Musgrave

Denise Ovallle

SINGLE Closing:

Robert Alting

Dan Birchman

Barb Delantoni

Vince Hathaway

James Krone

Paula Howard

Julie Tuggle

Tim Walters

Tom Wemett

Marion Zygadlo

(closings reported May 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019)


NRSI Update
An update from David Alvarez, Director of Marketing, NRSI


The month of May delivered solid results for the NAEBA Referral Service (NRSI).  NRSI matched 284 prospective home buyers with buyer agents to initiate their property search.  Of the 284 prospective home buyers, 153 were matched with NAEBA agents, 120 were matched with Best Non NAEBA (BNN) agents, and 11 buyer agent requests went unplaced.  Revenue was slightly down when compared to May 2018 figures, but the second quarter of the year is on pace to surpass the second quarter of 2018.  Web traffic to was also encouraging as 8,363 folks visited the website, which was significantly up from 4,136 a year ago.  Additionally, the dream of home ownership became a reality during the month of May 2019 for 32 consumers! Buyer Agents successfully guided all 32 consumers through a path of home ownership by navigating them through the often challenging home-buying process.  Lastly, we encourage NAEBA members with questions, or feedback regarding NRSI to please feel free to email us at referralservice@naeba.infoor by calling  (800) 986-2322.


National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents Announces New Mission Statement Affirming Commitments to Exclusive Buyer Agency and Consumer Protection


We've sent a press release to all NAREE (National Association of Real Estate Editors) members on Monday, June 24, 2019 to announce NAEBA's New mission and strategic plan:  Check it out - Press Release Here



Keep involved with your
Board of Directors...

Members now have a page on our member site dedicated to the Minutes of the Board of Directors for NAEBA. It is password protected and available to members only, so log in and keep abreast of where we are going!















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If you wish to stop receiving email from us, you can simply remove yourself by visiting:

National Assoc of Exclusive Buyer Agents
340 E. Palm Lane, Suite 125, Phoenix, AZ 85004