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June 4-6, 2012
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September 22, 2011



PSDA Visits Members Victor Printing and Typecraft Press

Last week, PSDA's Dave Merli visited several PSDA member companies throughout western Pennsylvania while attending SDS. During his visits, Merli met with Victor Crag Belcik of Victor Printing and Victor Borrelli of Typecraft Press.

Victor Printing was started in 1919, and has been a leader in offering innovative printing techniques for over 92 years. The company is a trade manufacturer of custom business forms, commercial printing, large-format, variable data, Conceal and Reveal promotions, pull tabs and other unique promotional print. It also provides print related services, such as direct mail, fulfillment, full prepress, bindery services and more. Pictured left, Merli and Victor's Crag Belcik conduct a press check.

Typecraft is one of the few "complete printing houses" in western Pennsylvania offering: electronic pre-press, camera and platemaking, non–heatset web press, bindery, and a shipping and receiving department. Pictured right, Merli and Borrelli stand in front of a handmade replica of an English press that was built by owner John Major.

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Learn the Capabilities of U.S. Branding's Insert™ Paper Webkey in PSDA Webinar

Using the U.S. Branding Insert™ Paper Webkeys, print is rejuvenated, revitalized and connected to a digital world as you can seamlessly and instantly connect to exclusive landing pages, microsites, e-commerce sites and more. On Oct. 18, join Cory Williams, director of technology and product development for U.S. Branding Group LLC as he demonstrates how the Insert™ Paper Webkeys can help your company connect your printed message to digital media instantly in PSDA's free Webinar. Registration instructions coming soon.

The U.S. Branding Group LLC is a global innovator, creator, and manufacturer of technology-driven and educational marketing solutions with particular focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare market sector. Its USB Insert™ Paper Webkey combines the world's smallest trackable nano webkey with any custom physical print media, including brochures, direct mail and publication inserts.

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Let Charlie Roberts Source Your Unique Jobs

PSDA sourcing expert Charlie Roberts has received more queries regarding untraditional jobs. If you have a sourcing request of your own, contact Roberts or join the sourcing Listserv and communicate directly with other members.

  • Custom printed barricade tape
  • Decorative wooden boxes that will hold a commemorative bottles of alcohol
  • An FDA approved vendor to print 100m – 500m inserts that will come in direct contact with food
  • Small quantities of 4-color process printing on food-grade foil pouches

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Winbrook Acquires Magicomm LLC

PSDA member Winbrook Inc. recently announced the acquisition of Magicomm LLC, a thriving integrated marketing company that brings complementary strengths to Winbrook — a full-service document management and fulfillment provider that combines personal attention with global reach. The key capabilities offered by the expanded Winbrook organization will include strategy, creative, production, distribution and analysis of its clients’ communications workflows and technologies. The presidents of both companies agree that Winbrook and Magicomm are a natural match. Under the terms of the acquisition, Magicomm will become a division of Winbrook, which will be located in Winbrook’s Billerica, Mass., headquarters. Magicomm will continue to serve its current client base, which includes Canon USA, Xerox, Agfa Corporation, iProspect, Whittier Health Network, TeamEPS and other clients.

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Northeastern Envelope Co. Installs 30th HALM Jet Envelope Press

PSDA member Northeastern Envelope Co. recently installed the first XT2315C HALM Jet Press Touch and Go. The company has been a loyal HALM Jet customer since it owned one of the first of five original HALM Jet presses in the United States, which were installed in 1961. The new installation of the ergonomically designed XT2315C HALM Jet Press Touch and Go marks the 30th HALM Jet press within Northeastern Envelope Co.’s printing department. CEO James Ferrario thanks HALM for helping the company grow from a two-person operation into a full-scale envelope company with more than 100 personnel manufacturing more than 500 million envelopes each year.

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AccuLink Buys Scodix1200 Digital Press to Expand Services Portfolio

PSDA member AccuLink purchased a Scodix1200 digital coating press at GRAPH EXPO 2011 from digital enhancement leader Scodix to expand its services portfolio with the innovative Scodix Sense printing experience. The Scodix1200 Digital Press (pictured here at GRAPH EXPO with AccuLink Co-Owner and Vice President of Sales Lindsay Gray) produces Scodix Sense by registering clear polymer with pinpoint accuracy to printed images using a patented optical guidance system. Scodix Sense is a new digital printing experience that touches the senses with a high-quality look and tangible dimension. Delivering variable levels of thickness and texture on single- or double-sided printing, the Scodix1200 has the capacity to produce up to 99 gloss units, polymer height up to 70 microns and density capabilities from 1 to 100 percent, for an unmatched range of enhancement. AccuLink Partner and CEO Tom O'Brien says the purchase will differentiate the company from others, allowing AccuLink to offer a truly innovative product to its customers.

This news follows AccuLink's recent announcement that the unique EasyMailer product, previously marketed under the name "Transformailer" by Colortree Marketing Resources, will now be manufactured by AccuLink in a cooperative agreement with Colortree/Graphic Innovations. Ed Glaser of Colortree Marketing Resources, formerly a division of Colortree/Graphics Innovations, will continue as chief marketing officer in his new role at AccuLink, promoting the EasyMailer product under the new name InteliMailerSM.

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Midwest Single Source Acquires Computer Mailing Incorporated (CMI)

Midwest Single Source has acquired Computer Mailing Incorporated (CMI), which will begin operating as a Kansas City, MO, branch in October. Midwest Single Source has been located in Wichita, KS, for 35 years as a distributor of printing, promotional products, direct mail and office supplies. John Osborne, owner of Midwest Single Source, said he is excited to bring the strengths of CMI, which include volume and longevity, to the company. Midwest Single Source will be celebrating its 35th anniversary Oct. 5 in Wichita, and Osborne is ecstatic the company is positioned for growth after so many years in the business.

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PSDA Supports Nonprofit Two Sides in United States

Two Sides, a nonprofit organization that promotes the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper, recently gained the support of PSDA for its U.S. startup. More than 35 organizations have shown support for Two Sides, which began in Europe in 2008. The organization is now active in 12 countries with more than 1,000 members that span the print and paper supply chain, including pulp and paper producers, paper distributors, ink and chemical manufacturers, printers, equipment manufacturers and publishers. Their common goals are to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper and to dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

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